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New Jersey’s own The New You visited our station for an episode of WMSC Unplugged!   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: The New You   Above photos by Frank Konze         



By Kyle Pepitone Skeletons is the sixth studio album by American rock band Pop Evil and this album is anything but bare bones. Skeletons as a whole has a very consistent sound, which actually made me go back to Pop Evil’s previous album Versatile as it had a drastic tonal shift halfway through the album. […]

By Joely DeMonte Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a very happy birthday to Hozier who, at midnight, released his new EP, Eat Your Young. Best known for his 2013 debut single “Take Me To Church,” the Irish King has struck gold once again! Eat Your Young follows Hozier’s 2019 second album, Wasteland, Baby! He has […]

By Chaz Campbell I’d like to consider myself a huge Gorillaz fan. I’ve seen them live twice (“Humanz” and “Now Now” Tours), own almost every album on vinyl, and have them in the top five of every Spotify Wrapped ever since I started using Spotify in 2019. I have t-shirts, and ringtones, and I briefly […]

By Ben Petruk Morgan Wallen is like my first student ID card. It was supposed to be canceled, but it still works. The 29 year old country superstar just released his third album, on the very strategic date of March 3rd: It was Wallen 3 on 3/3. A catchy idea, which is the theme of […]

Montclair funk artist Becky Crosby performed some of her original songs on an episode of WMSC Unplugged!🎶 90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: Becky Crosby        

Central New Jersey band OM53 performed their original songs on WMSC Unplugged, WMSC’s weekly live performance show! 🎶 🎶   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: OM53    

By Emily McCormack  “Eulogy” is the first solo work that grandson has released since his 2020 debut album, Death of an Optimist. The Canadian-American singer has released a string of outstanding collaborations, including works alongside the likes of K.Flay, X Ambassadors, Two Feet and Steve Aoki. Best known for his 2017 single “Blood // Water” […]

By Emily McCormack “Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea” was the first single that introduced me to Missio in 2018. I decided to delve deeper into their discography and ever since then, the alternative/electronic duo have been part of my go-to pile of artists I reference as my favorite band. Missio decided to spend their […]

By Rikkira Harfield Smino, the St. Louis rapper, singer, and songwriter, has been steadily rising to the forefront of the hip-hop scene with his unique blend of genres and styles. His latest release, as of October 28, 2022, “Luv 4 Rent,” highlights his distinct sound and solidifies his place as one of the most exciting artists in the […]

By Emily McCormack Pierce the Veil released their fifth studio album The Jaws of Life on February 10, 2023. This is the first album since their 2016 release of Misadvadventures, their last album before the departure of drummer Mike Fuentes. Since losing a band member, fans anxiously waited for seven years for the band to […]

By Ian Love Waterparks saw critical acclaim after their third studio album Fandom in 2019, leaving both fans and critics excited for what the three person band had in store next. As it turns out, the process of writing their next album, Greatest Hits, would be a challenging one for frontman Awsten Knight, for after writing over […]

By Danielle Vuono Departing from her typical alternative genre, Willow Smith experimented with rock for her fifth studio album, “<Coping Mechanism>.” This pop-punk album was released on October 7, 2022, and is made up of 11 songs, all co-written by the singer.  This album, in short, is an expression of Willow’s experience with sapphic love. She […]

By Noah Aviles In my previous article, I wrote about attending Paul McCartney’s “Got Back” show at MetLife in June of 2022. Well, one month later, I was back in the same venue seeing a different show and seeing it with a different friend: This time around I was seeing the final tour of Elton […]

By Noah Aviles Before I went to this show, I had difficulty remembering when my last concert was. For obvious reasons (the global pandemic and all of that), I wasn’t attending too many live events at the time, but when I heard that Paul McCartney was heading to MetLife Stadium as the final stop of his “Got […]

New Jersey’s own Starberries performed some original songs for an episode of WMSC Unplugged! 🎶   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: Starberries          

Review by Mia Watson Greta Van Fleet is my favorite band. This was a largely anticipated weekend in their “Dreams in Gold” tour after being delayed since April due to illness within the band. Fans flocked from far and wide to the Mark G. Etess Arena for the final leg of their tour after gaining […]

Montclair State University’s very own girlband performed some original songs and epic covers for an episode of WMSC Unplugged!   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: girlband         Photos by Frank Konze     Photos from WMSC

Welcome back to another Music Picks, a collaborative collection of WMSC’s music recommendations and reviews. This installment’s theme is Valentine’s Day: Love & Hate. Read more to see our station’s favorite love songs and favorite hate songs!   “Lucky People” — Waterparks ❤️ Review by Deepak Sathish Meet the acoustic love song to end all […]

New Jersey band Swansun visited our station to perform some epic original songs for our live performance show, WMSC Unplugged! 🎶   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: Swansun   

Lauren Bentivegna talks with New Jersey artist Eric Raven about his new album “The Shape of Pain” and his journey discovering a creating alternative music.   90.3 WMSC FM · Interview with Eric Raven  


Montclair State University’s very own Will Barnes played some epic songs for WMSC Unplugged! 🎶   90.3 WMSC FM · WMSC Unplugged: Will Barnes     Will Barnes with Music Director Jared Tauber!

What is up guys, gals and non-binary pals! I believe that the year 2023 is the year about discovery and finding new things in life that make us happy. One way that we can do that is by discovering new up and coming queer artists. Let’s expand our music library and add a little bit […]

Host of The Scene Lauren Bentivegna interviewed Mark Rizzo and Cen of Soulblind for WMSC!   Mark Rizzo Lauren Bentivegna talks with metal guitar legend and ex-Soulfly member Marc Rizzo about his new endeavors with bands Revenge Beast and Ill Niño as well as his passion for the guitar.   90.3 WMSC FM · Interview […]

Review by Aidan Smith Hundreds of excited fans rushed through the rain to New York City venue Terminal 5 on December 15th to see Vancouver, Canada-based band Peach Pit. The haphazard nature of the squeaks on the floor caused by soggy shoes made it clear that people were rushing around excitedly, preparing for Peach Pit […]

Review by Emily McCormack If you haven’t heard of Måneskin… where have you been?! Måneskin is a four piece Italian rock band who won Eurovision 2021 with their hit single “ZITTI E BUOINI.” I first heard pieces of the song on social media and finally listened to it on my own… while I must admit […]

Welcome back to another Music Picks, a collaborative collection of WMSC’s music recommendations and reviews. This installment’s theme is favorites of 2022! Read more to see our station’s favorite songs as we reflect the year!   “FUNERAL GREY” — Waterparks* Review by Deepak Sathish Following their 2021 album, Greatest Hits, an expansive record that covered […]