“Love Letters” – Cecily Album Review

Written by on November 25, 2023

“It’s the most vulnerable, unfinished, honest, thing I’ve released so far.” – Cecily

Review by Rena Hailey

Cecily’s sophomore album Love Letters released November 24, 2023. This collection of songs is soft, quiet, and beautiful like a love letter should be – But it is also honest and brutal like love is. The indie-feeling EP ranges from the softest of whispers to the loudest of shouts as it shares its love letters in the form of eight different songs. This is an album that, in the musician’s own words, sits “in the middle of the secular and the sacred.” And it truly does.

Cecily is a Christian indie artist, so her music is no stranger to lines written in awe of a different kind of love. The album’s message reaches far outside of religion, and actually actively works against notions of it. With tracks like “Sit in Silence” and “For a Little While,” Cecily reminds listeners to take a breath and let go of religion, perfection and ideals. A reminder of love, a reminder of rest, Love Letters takes us on a journey of learning to love the imperfect, the unfinished.

Nearly every song on this album builds to this shouting of love and ends with the earnest promise that everything isn’t perfect, but that is just fine. Leading by example, Cecily invites her audience to honesty—the kind of honesty that makes space for peace. This also encourages listeners to find beauty in imperfection, something that I am constantly wrestling with. The beautiful thing is, with these eight songs, Cecily makes space for fans like me to wrestle.

Love Letters is a lovely collection of songs for sitting in the quiet moments. If you’re in the mood to wrestle, rest, or just enjoy some beautifully honest music, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a notebook and pen, and cozy up with some Love Letters from Cecily.

Favorites from the album: “Restoring Eden,” “Sit in Silence,” “For a Little While.”

To hear Cecily talk more about Love Letters, you can check out her Instagram @its_cecily!

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