Deux Visages releases “February” – Single Review

Written by on February 2, 2024

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, garage rock/indie band Deux Visages released their third single “February”- And I am obsessed!

Review By Leah Ramrattan | February 2, 2024

Deux Visages is a Miami-based band consisting of lead singer Daphne Hanono, guitarist Jack Chiu, bassist Tony Jouvin, and drummer Antoine Lappin. Though they only have three singles released so far (each one is a masterpiece, might I add), they already have 66 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and have plans for their upcoming first full-length album. I have high hopes for this band and I’m so excited to see them grow and get more popular in the genre.

Onto their new song, “February”: It really exceeded my expectations, and I can tell it’s going to be on repeat for the whole month. You know how when December rolls around, and everyone is listening to “December” by Neck Deep? I have my song of the month for February now!

“February” starts slow and, although Hanono’s vocals in Deux Visage’s first two songs “Cheetah” and “Tethered” were gorgeous, her voice is absolutely ethereal in this intro. Her voice is showcased a top soft guitar strums that have a melancholic tone to it before going to the main part of the song. My favorite part of the track is the transition from the sorrowful intro to the remainder of the song, which gets a progressively upbeat and happy. What I’m taking from the lyrics is she’s singing goodbye to a lover (potentially a breakup): “It was nice knowing you, and I hope we’ll do it soon / In another life.”

Then the drums kick in and the song turns from a sad goodbye to more lighthearted tone. The narrator shifts gears and sings about how much she likes this person from her past: “I like doing nothing with you / Take up all my time if you don’t seem to mind / You’re exactly what I like.”

The instrumentals are cheerful and the tone is a lot happier at this point. Honestly, it sounds like a song you would hear over a montage of the main character and love interest of a coming-of-age movie. My favorite lyrics are “It’s written in the stars / I feel it in your arms tonight.”

I’m so excited to see what Deux Visages comes up with next, and I know whatever it is- it’s going to blow me away just as much as “February” did!


“Friday” Cover Art Image from Amazon Music.