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WMSC News Update: President Cole Calls Student’s Letter Concerning Pass/Fail ‘Extraordinarily Rude’

WMSC News Update   PRESIDENT COLE CALLS STUDENT’S LETTER CONCERNING PASS/FAIL ‘EXTRAORDINARILY RUDE’ The emails sent from junior Shelby O’Boyle and President Susan Cole about the university’s pass/fail policy. | Photos courtesy of Shelby O’Boyle By Ryan Breyta On Friday, Nov. 30, Shelby O’Boyle, a junior at Montclair State University studying film, sent an email to […]

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Gam Interview

INTERVIEW   Bio Gam fuses silky smooth keys, with R&B guitar and funky basslines/drums to create an original NeoSoul sound. The group switches seamlessly between funky grooves and soft catchy ballads. Drawing inspiration from Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Vulfpeck, and Tom Misch, Gam is pushing the needle of modern soul music.  Gam found […]

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Check Out WMSC’s Monthly Newsletter!

Always remember to check out WMSC’s Monthly Published Newsletter! You can view our future newsletters by going to our website, viewing the dropdown menu under “About WMSC” and clicking on “Newsletter”! Here is a direct link to our November/December Newsletter! https://www.canva.com/design/DAEC0Fs-A-c/8cGoZ1g31rODjDw_h1DEdg/view?utm_content=DAEC0Fs-A-c&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton  

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WMSC’s Interview with Lucia Zambetti

WMSC’s Interview with Lucia Zambetti Lucia is a sixteen-year-old girl from New York. Ever since she was young, she’s had a love for music which sprung from not only her parents’ professions as musicians, but her extended family and sisters passion for music. Even at just 3 years old, she would carpool-karaoke old Beatles songs […]

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WMSC Scholarship Fund Article

WMSC Scholarship Fund Article  The voice of Montclair and your alternative rock and talk college radio station is largely operated by your peers. Your peers who were determined to keep the station operating during stay-at-home orders. We have over 20 student directors, 45 disk jockeys, and 30 new DJs being trained right now. They now […]


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