Let The Games Begin

Written by on February 27, 2017

By: Jeremy Wall

With the warm weather soon approaching, students and some local residents decided to prepare themselves by participating in the Rec Center’s annual Triathlon. Opened to all different age groups, this was the sixth year the Rec Center has hosted this event.  According to the building’s Aquatics Coordinator, Alex Sperling, the Triathlon is less of a competition and more of a preparation. “I enjoy the program itself because it’s a nice warm up for people before the outdoor triathlons,” Sperling explained.

Every year, the athletic contest attracts around 20-40 participants, and this year 22 people competed. Once the clock struck 8 a.m, three different heaps swam for 10 minutes, ran for 15 minutes, and biked for a final 30 minutes. Once those activities concluded, the participants had a small break before it was time for the next event. “I like this [Triathlon] because you’re competing against yourself,” Grad student Daniel Truitt told WMSC.

“This is my first one.  It’s good to be finished,” said Corey Burtwell.  Once each heap was done swimming, biking, and running, it was time for the award ceremony.  For the guys, the top swim went to Daniel Truitt, top bike went to Alex Delgado, and top run was awarded to Daniel Schoberresse.

For the ladies, top swim went to Elizabeth Aucello, top bike went to Linda Manzi, and bringing in the best run time for was Joan Ficke. “It was surprising,” freshman Elizabeth Aucello explained.  “I only started swimming four months ago.” Taking home the top overalls were William Baunach and Alyssa Petitdemange. This was Baunach’s second year in a row as top overall for the guys.  “It’s always fun to see the same faces and new people come,” Baunach said. While the next Rec Center triathlon might not be until next year, local ones are expected to be starting again as soon as the weather becomes warmer.