Micro Wrestling Comes To Staten Island

Written by on July 4, 2024

Written and Reported by Nicole Passero

Published on July 4, 2024

(Staten Island, New York)- Micro Wrestlers took the ring at the Staten Island University Hospital Community Park, also home to the Staten Island Ferry Hawks. Staten Islanders went wild as they saw their favorite wrestlers live in action.

The Micro Wrestling Federation promotes wrestlers under five feet tall as they perform multiple shows a year throughout the United States. They even have their own reality television show, “Big Little Brawlers” which debuted on the Discovery Channel earlier this year.

Micro Wrestlers Heavy-Metal Mario versus Hot Rod were up first in the ring. Mario took home the win all the way from Mushroom Kingdom.

Second, Lid’L took the win as she fought her opponent, Little Miss. Everyone booed Lid’L Lex as fans were rooting for Micro Wrestling emcee, Little Miss. 

Next up, Jamaican Joe versus Baby Jesus as Baby Jesus secured victory. 

The power couple of the Micro Wrestlers, Syko and Pinky Shortcake took the ring as “Pinky girl won in her very micro world”.

For the championship, Micro Suave vs. Ben Urkel. Fans went extra wild with this one as they chanted “Suave Sucks” and cheered on “Urkel” as he took home the win. 

The Micro Wrestling show is a family-friendly event and you can watch episodes of “Big Little Brawlers” on Discovery, Discovery Plus, and Max. 


Featured image by Nicole Passero