State Of The Rangers: July 2024

Written by on July 9, 2024

Written By Tanner Price

Published on July 9, 2024

It would be an understatement to say that the Rangers offseason has been a disaster. After yet another Eastern Conference Finals meltdown, the Rangers go back to the drawing board.

The Rangers have not made the Stanley Cup Final since 2014 and since then, have lost 3 Eastern Conference Finals. In all three of them, it ended the same way, they choked.

Now when we talk about chokes, this is not in the usual way. The Rangers didn’t blow 3-0 series leads or blow a 4 goal lead in game seven, but it’s a choke in an even worse way. They were given opportunities on a silver platter, and they simply could not do it. In 2015, the Rangers had a game seven on home ice to go to the Stanley Cup Final, and lost 2-0. Then they blew a 2-0 series lead in 2022, losing game number six 2-1. This year, they yet again lost 2-1 in a game six, and went home empty handed.

There is a glaring problem with this team, one that has existed for the last decade, and it’s almost as if the lights are just too bright for them. They can never score that late goal to equal a game and or series. It was especially glaring considering the Rangers three highest paid forwards (Zibanejad, Panarin, Kreider), went almost radio silent in the ECF this year.

So naturally, fans went into the offseason expecting a big splash, or just anything to bolster the roster, and make an unstoppable force going into next year. Unlike last offseason and the 2021-22 offseason, the Rangers had the capability to make a league altering move.

Jacob Trouba’s albatross contract could be either bought out or traded before free agency. There were rumors circulating that Trouba was as good as gone. Draft day one came and went, and then draft day two, and it seemed as if maybe free agency day was the day 99% of the fanbase had been praying for.

But what would the Rangers do with his contract gone. The top free agents were Jake Guentzel, a talented forward who gets even better when the playoffs roll around. Could they look towards Steven Stamkos, a captain of two Stanley Cup champions, and a sure fire Hall of Famer who has gotten even better with age. Maybe they would take a cheaper option and go with Johnathan Marchessault, a Conn Smythe winner for Vegas just one year removed. Possibly Chandler Stephenson, a rising star in the league and 2-time cup winner.

However it went, it looked like the Rangers were set to add someone who could erase the torment of underperforming superstars, and make the vibes around Rangerstown the highest they have been since 1994.


Waking up on July 1st felt like Christmas morning. Running down to turn on NHL Network and see what shiny new toys you have. But before you could even run down the stairs, the Grinch came and took it all away. Players signing left and right, the contracts more crazy than the next. Almost an hour had passed, and the only move the Rangers had made was for Sam Carrick, a bottom 6 forward. Then the Rangers bat-signal shined around an hour into free agency.

The Blueshirts acquired veteran forward Reilly Smith from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a second and sixth round pick, with Pittsburgh retaining a part of Smith’s 5 million dollar cap hit.

And so far, thats been the only major move by the Rangers, we sit here today with the projected lines of




I know what you, the reader, is saying. “Wait, who is on the second defensive pair? It’s July 8th and it says Trouba.”

Yes, you are not seeing things. As of right now, July 8th, 2024, Jacob Trouba is the captain of the New York Rangers.

An article by the New York post claims that Trouba’s wife is currently in residency in New York as a doctor. When Trouba originally signed his deal, a full no movement clause would end this year, and lead to a 15 team no trade clause. There was a delay in her residency, and it would run into the next NHL season.

I’ve been unbiased this entire article but that will change now.

Fans have now stupidly enough attacked Troubas family for this. It is unacceptable to go after a family because of contract negotiations. I do think having Troubas cap hit is hurting the Rangers as they go forward, but going after his wife and questioning her career is awful and calls for a deeper look at fans forgetting that athletes are humans too.


Back to hockey. It’s safe to say the Rangers are in a tough spot right now. An aging core that doesn’t produce in the playoffs, the captain of the team is the most hated player, and the superstar goaltender rightfully wants nearly 12 million dollars next season.

Chris Drury has a lot on his hands, and with teams like the Devils getting better and the Flyers on the come up, it’s safe to say the Rangers face a daunting task as we prepare for the next season.


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