Joanne Lipman “That’s What She Said” Book Discussion

Written by on February 26, 2018

By: Jeremy Wall

People from all over flooded into Montclair Public Library’s auditorium yesterday to hear former USA TODAY Editor in Chief and Chief Content Officer Joanne Lipman speak.  Interviewed by her former manager TIME magazine Editor in Chief Edward Felsenthal,  about 80 people stopped by to receive a signed copy of Joanne Lipman’s new best seller That’s What She Said and to see her discussion. Some as young as six months old even came.

“I hope she grows up in a different world  and not battle the same issues that I have to”, said Jen Greenspan, the mother of the six month old. “This starts at a young age and the things that we do when were little can contribute as adults”.

Lipman’s new book is about  bringing men in the conversation to help close the gender gap. During her discussion, the former USA TODAY employee tackled issues such as getting woman back to the workplace, the connecting bias that negatively impacts them  along with ways people are implementing strategies to ensure that voices are being heard.

“After my life at Corporate America, these things are still going on”, said Rita Williams-Boger. Other issues Lipman mentioned were pay. “If you ask a man and a woman to negotiate a salary, the man will ask for way more”, she told her audience.  Lipman also spoke about her experiences and how to react in certain situations.

“If someone tells you look cute, reply with your telling me I look smart”, she said.

In addition to numerous woman, a few men attended the event as well. “It’s not an even playing field”, said Daniel Greenspan. “Woman need to speak up however, men need to treat their employees equally”.

Among the men that attended included the library’s director Peter Coyl. “The library tries to provide timely discussions on current topics”, Coyl explained. “We were pleased to have such an important conversation for the community”.