Girlpool Review

Written by on May 2, 2019

By Lia Berisha

Thanks to WCSM’s 90.3 Twitter page I won tickets to see Girlpool, Hatchie, and Teenage
Halloween on Saturday, April 28th at Asbury Lanes. The atmosphere at the lanes was very laid
back and relaxed with people either bowling or getting their beer n’ tater tot fix. It was like the
old Asbury Lanes but completely upgraded and fancy. It felt nostalgic nonetheless, the spirit and
excitement of seeing rare talents live on. Teenage Halloween opened with a giant rush of
homemade punk adrenaline. I had seen Teenage Halloween’s solo performance a little under a
year ago after Snail Mail’s intimate show at the Asbury Park Brewery. Immediately I recognized
the makeup of a genuine artist speaking for a generation of anxiety-ridden revolutionists who
are going to be the ones who impact the world. The lyrics are honest, it sounds like they’re
reading straight from their notebook. Picture it this way, if Daniel Johnston and Elliott Smith had
a love child. It was incredible to see their growth with new members rotating for live
performances. Hatchie grabbed the audience’s attention immediately with the lead singer’s
melodic voice. The music was dreamy and delicious lo-fi with lush pink lighting. I was definitely
happy I got there early because I have been listening to the openers ever since.

Girlpool came on to the stage with a new identity. It was clear that we were looking at a new and
redefined band and everyone was there for it. The crowd was fully immersed in the messages
that Cleo and Harmony were trying to portray. They opened with the first song off of their new
album ‘What Chaos is Imaginary’ and mainly stuck to songs from it. This album is meant to be
heard live, as it is a performance piece. They are a promising band whose sound is ever-
evolving. This concert reminded me what Asbury Park really is; a home for original music.