Alex Mazzuchelli Dazzles Fox and Crow in Jersey City – 6/28/2024

Written by on July 4, 2024

Photos and Review by Aidan Ivers

On Friday, June 28, Staten Island-born singer-songwriter Alex Mazzuchelli performed an acoustic and jazz set at Fox and Crow in Jersey City featuring her original pieces as well as cover songs. She was accompanied by her bandmates percussionist Mark Rucci, guitarist Robert Susca and bassist Patrick Granton.

There was a build-up to the event online with Mazzuchelli and her bandmates documenting their rehearsals days and weeks prior. It was evident their work had paid off with harmonious rhythm and striking vocals reflecting in the venue throughout the set.

Mazzuchelli’s songs have themes of recognizing one’s worth and working through interpersonal relationships. To hear her original work with elements of jazz-acoustic representation was as enchanting as it was enjoyable. 

This can be accredited to her background being a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and having harnessed an extensive array of theater, songwriting and connecting to her audience with meaningful themes. She also has experience performing across NYC in venues such as Mercury Lounge, Carnegie Hall, and Bowery Electric. 

At Fox and Crow, her band performed various songs from her discography; her 2022 debut EP “Rise” was on display with performances such as “Don’t Come Back To Me,” the title track “Rise” and the intricate ballad “Cross That Line.”

Some unique singles were highlighted as well. Her song “All In (Dealer’s Choice)” seemed like the perfect input for such a classy environment and the musicians’ ability to portray it amplified such.
Another instance was with her song “Hot & Bothered,” a more up-beat, draw-the-line tune. To perform such a catchy pop piece in a different jazz environment mirrored the skill Mazzuchelli and her band had brought into the venue that night. 

Her and her bandmates were also in the spotlight with their performances of a multitude of genre-crossing cover songs. The on-point percussion from Rucci, rhythmic guitar style of Susca and grounding work from Granton on bass during well-known tunes added to the sought-after credentials they collectively possess. 

These seamlessly-performed songs included “New Rules” by Dua Lipa, “Creep” by Radiohead, “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and “Love Song” by Sara Barellies amongst others. To hear a variety of these songs played in a jazzy structure gave witness to the unarguable expertise of the band. 

Mazzuchelli has stated in a previous interview to “…express yourself uncensored and unapologetically…” is crucial to her craft and that principle was highlighted throughout her performance. It was clear the audience was in for a treat from start to finish.

She’s no stranger to the realm of broadcast media either. In October 2023, fellow WMSC DJ Nicole Passero ‘26 and I had the gracious opportunity to interview her for our show Floor of the Forgotten Borough, where she discussed her roots in Staten Island and the importance of building and maintaining a strong professional network.

Overall, this was an outstanding performance and Mazzuchelli’s band is guaranteed to put on a worthwhile show wherever they may be in the future. 

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