World Cup Update: December 6

Written by on December 12, 2022

By Marissa Thorn

December 6, 2022 was a big day for the World cup with two incredible games. Here is everything you need to know about both games. The first game was Morocco vs Spain. By the end of first half, neither team were able to score and the match remained 0-0. The game gets more intense in the second half as Spain subs in their striker who has scored the most goals for Spain this world cup season, Álvaro Morata. However, not even that is enough for Spain. As the second half comes to an end, the score is still 0-0 and the teams go into extra time. This means there is an additional two fifteen minute halfs added to the game (thirty minutes). However, at the end of the extra time, both teams have still yet to score a goal, which means they go into penalty kicks. During the shoot out, each side will have five chances to score and whoever has the most points, wins. They did not even need to finish the shoot out as Morocco scored three kicks by the fourth round while Spain was unable to score any kicks, meaning Morocco automatically won and will be advancing on to the quarter finals.

The next game was the last round of the 16 matches against Morocco. Portugal and Switzerland battled in the second round of the day. Seventeen minutes into the game, Portugal’s Goncalo Ramos scored the first goal of the game.

Thirty-two minutes into the first round, Portugal’s defender, Pepe, was able to score a corner kick bringing the score to 2-0 in Portugal’s favor.

In the fifty-first minute of the game, Ramos scored another goal for Portugal making the score 3-0. Then, only four minutes later, they scored another goal thanks to Raphael Guerriero making the new score 4-0. Switzerland is finally able to score their first goal of the game fifty-eight minutes in by Manuel Akanji. But it was too late as Ramos scored his third goal of the game bringing the score up to 5-1. The game went into stoppage time where Portugal scored their final goal by Rafael Leao, bringing the final score to 6-1 in favor of Portugal. They move on to the quarterfinals.

Morocco and Portugal join the other quarter finalists as the games rage on. On Friday December 9th we have two out of the four games. Those being Croatia vs Brazil at 10:00am, and the Netherlands vs Argentina at 2:00pm. The games continue on Saturday December 10th with Morocco vs Portugal at 10:00am, and England vs France at 2:00pm.