Texans make CRAZY offseason acquisitions that could blow the league out of the water while making history at the same time!

Written by on April 17, 2024

The Houston Texans are looking right into the future with a core of rising stars they recently assembled from across the league.
By Lorenzo Gonzalez

This has been one of the most interesting offseasons in NFL history without a doubt, but if there’s one team that has completely flipped its future out of all 32, it’s the Houston Texans. Unlike other NFL teams who had a successful campaign last season, Houston did not sit down and let false hope of what they had absorb their minds. Instead, the Texans went out and added even more units to their already potent offensive juggernaut. Let’s see how these new acquisitions stack up with each player they added to the core.

Danielle Hunter: Hunter can prove to be a true beast when unleashed to the Texans crew. He’s already proven himself immensely as being an all pro up in Minnesota where he has become a 4 time pro bowler, finished 5 of 8 NFL seasons with 10 or more sacks, 6th all time in Minnesota Vikings on the sacks leaderboard (87.5) and ended up last year with a career-high sack total of 16.5, fifth in the entire NFL. His 0.85 sacks per game since 2018 is only third behind former NFL Defensive Players of the year T.J. Watt and Myles Garrett. Hunter signed a two-year, $49 million contract with the Texans. Having all this in mind, it seemed simple for Houston to acquire his skills to make their defense even more powerful. In 2023, the Texans held their opponents to under 20 points seven games in the regular season and allowing over 21 points seven times. They ranked 16th in the league in total yards allowed with an average of 332.6 yards. By acquiring Hunter, the Texans could have a veteran role model who can help teach the younger stars of the game the expertise he had in Minnesota, making this defense lethal to watch next year.

Stefon Diggs: Like with Hunter, the Texans ended up getting another one of the biggest names in all of football and one of the greatest wide receivers in Stefon Diggs. His credentials speak for itself; similar to Hunter, he also started his career in Minnesota and stayed for 5 seasons before being traded to Buffalo for 4 seasons. During his time in the league, he has come off as one of the best wide receivers in the game. Diggs has held the top-four marks for single-season receptions in team history, having over 100 catches in each of his four seasons in Buffalo. In addition, he’s the only player in Bills history to have two different 1,400 receiving yards in a season. Now that’s hall of fame worthy numbers in any book. Similar to Hunter as well, Diggs is also a 4 time pro bowler and NFL receptions and receiving yards leader in 2020. He is also known for one of the greatest endings in NFL history back when he was in Minnesota with the 2017 Divisional playoff game against the Saints, which has now been dubiously honored, the Minneapolis Miracle. Diggs is now coming off a season where he made 107 receptions and 1,183 receiving yards. The Texans are once again adding to an offense that shocked the world last year and we fans might have to watch for how potent of an offensive weapon Diggs will be in Houston. C.J. Stroud himself will definitely be excited knowing that now he’s working with a veteran wide receiver who’s had time to grow in great offenses. The wisdom and experience factor will truly be brought to Houston with this great trade.

Joe Mixon: If that wasn’t enough on offense, we could truly be seeing a threesome in Houston after another blockbuster trade from Cincinnati. Mixon has grown to become one of the biggest threats in the running game. He has 1,571 carries for 6,412 yards, along with 283 catches for 2,139 yards and 62 touchdowns. Last season, he was 8th in the league for rushing yards getting 1,034 yards and 5th in carries with 257. Mixon is not only a reliable running back, but the Texans can find another huge passer in their arsenal since he’s proven to be reliable on the pass, which is something every passer could only dream their runner could have.

What makes this entire offseason memorable is one fact, the Texans have become the first team in NFL history to add players who respectively have had over 10 sacks, over 1,000 yards rushing, and over 100 receptions in their careers. This just proves how Houston is that much dedicated to scouting talent that would most fit a team that is likely to be on the rise and revving up for the future. The Raiders came close to this feat in the 2001 offseason after acquiring running back Charlie Garner and defensive end Trace Amrstrong and the very next year made it to Super Bowl 37 in the 2002 campaign.

The only question on Texans fans’ minds right now: Will all this talent from all corners pay off in 2024 and bring them closer to the Super Bowl? Will the Texans revamp themselves from years of disappointment and mediocrity? Only time can truly tell and the future is bright on the other side.