Kyng Pin’s New Music March

Written by on March 31, 2022

by Kyle Pepitone

After a rather dry month for new releases in February, March makes up for it with a myriad of new albums and singles all across the board… almost too many to keep track of. However, as part of the digital marketing team for Heavy Is The Crown (a rock and metal show that airs on WMSC 7 – 10 pm on Saturdays), it is my job to keep up with new music. Here are some of my top picks of the month.*

*DISCLAIMER: The order of songs does not constitute my ranking of them.


Vanguard – Smash Into Pieces

Why just make music when you can make music with a storyline that spans multiple albums? That is what Smash Into Pieces has done with their two latest albums, Arcadia and A New Horizon. Now they’re back releasing a whole batch of new singles. I was obsessed with “Deadman” when they released it back in January, and now their newest single “Vanguard” may just be taking first place. “Vanguard,” in conjunction with its music video, is about a child who will do anything to protect his family from invaders. In the video, the child sets up toy army figures to guard his house while his parents sleep. The child then steps out to confront the enemy in full military dress and tries to fend them off, only to be saved by his father who actually served. With the addition of the whistling and heavy drums, “Vanguard” is a high energy and hard hitting military ballad that I highly recommend.


Waiting On The Sun / Wanted – Citizen Soldier

I had to choose both songs that Citizen Soldier released (so far) this month because choosing only one of them would be like picking your favorite child (which I also couldn’t do because… I don’t have children). I had the opportunity to interview the lead singer Jake Segura for the band’s 2021 release This Is Your Sign Part 1- and yes, as the title suggests, there will be a This Is Your Sign Part 2, which will include these two singles. All of Citizen Soldier’s songs focus on the internal and external struggles everyone goes through, and “Waiting On The Sun” / “Wanted” are no exceptions. In “Waiting On The Sun”, Segura sings about that feeling when hope is waning while waiting for everything to be okay. “Wanted,” on the other hand, is about not fitting in, and feeling out of place everywhere you go. Both tracks hit hard and tug at the heartstrings… I’m definitely ready for the full release of This Is Your Sign Part 2.


Everyone’s A Secret – Lø Spirit

Seemingly a new contender in the ring, Lø Spirit’s latest song is titled “Everyone’s A Secret.” If you think the song shares themes with Citizen Soldier’s music, that’s because frontman Jake Segura helped write it! The song is an emotional piece with rock elements… The verses are detailed, but leave out just enough that anyone can easily place themselves in the character’s shoes. The chorus is scream-in-your-car-with-the-windows-down worthy, and ties the whole piece together. Coupled with his other single, “Blue,” I’m liking what I’m hearing in terms of style and lyrical content. Lø Spirit is definitely an artist I will be keeping an eye on.


Bones – Imagine Dragons

I’m late to the party when it comes to the next big TV shows, so it took a while for me to watch the League of Legends series, Arcane. I also didn’t know I was missing out on Imagine Dragons’ song “Enemy.” Once I finally heard it though, I could not get it off repeat. However, I was on top of their newest release “Bones” as soon as it came out and I cannot control myself when it comes on. There is something about the song, specifically the chorus, where my brain goes we have to dance now (sorry Andy Black). That being said, it is a drastic tonal shift from “Enemy,” but that is understandable given the tone and themes of Arcane. Imagine Dragons is one of those bands that sits on the very edge of my music taste but I’m glad they are still on my side of that line.


Invisible – Shadow Academy

At this point, you should know that I’m not first to the party when it comes to mainstream things (which is weird because I show up early to everything else), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I only recently got into Ninja Sex Party (NSP). I remember hearing about them back in sixth grade but never listened to them. That’s why when NSP member Dan Avidan announced he was starting another music project called Shadow Academy, I immediately jumped on board and have been following them ever since. So far, they have released three singles, the latest being “Invisible.” What do I say about this song? How about, I love it! Or maybe I should talk about how it reminds me of a song that would be played during a workout montage in an ‘80s movie. It’s a song that makes you want to head bang and groove at the same time, and you can add this song to the list of those with a banger chorus. They may be a new band on the scene, but I can tell Shadow Academy is going to be one I’ll be following for a long time. 

THIS JUST IN: Shadow Academy announced their debut album will release on April 22, 2022.


The Saints of Violence and Innuendo – Shinedown

As previously stated, the order of these music picks does not indicate their ranking. If that was the case… this entry would be much higher on the list as Shinedown is my second number one band, sharing the spot for first with Citizen Soldier. Earlier this year, Shinedown released the first single, “Planet Zero,” off their upcoming sixth studio album of the same name which releases on April 22. Now we’re in March, and Shinedown has given us the second song off of their soon to be released 20 song album. “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” is Shinedown’s criticism of groupthink. The chorus of the song explains everything with lines like “Tell me what I got to say to get out of this room alive” and “Are you really surprised / You live in a world where empathy goes to die.” This new single is a tasteful combination of older and newer Shinedown. The verses take that raw, crunchy guitar that was present throughout their 2008 album, The Sound of Madness, while the chorus takes on more lighter, and almost poppy elements from songs such as “Darkside” and “Evolve” off of ATTENTION ATTENTION (2018). I highly recommend both “Planet Zero” and “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo,”  and of course the rest of their discography (but that should go without saying).  


Metamorph – The Score

I’m always amazed about the different ways people can discover new music. I discovered The Score many years ago from a Dude Perfect video. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m here listening to their newest album, Metamorph. There are so many genres packed into this album but they blend so perfectly that it creates eleven memorable tracks. Highlight tracks are definitely “Head Up,” “Enemies,” and “In My Blood,” but the rest aren’t far behind. The Score really nailed the infectious elements that make up the perfect earworm (the type of earworm that you’re happy to have, not the ones that drive you crazy over the course of a few days).