Album Review: Soccer Mommy’s “Clean”

Written by on March 6, 2018

By: Kaitlyn Karlstein

If you are looking for an album of sad songs to help you through a break up, look no further. Soccer Mommy’s album, Clean, is collectively the saddest album I have ever heard in my life. Sophie Allison is only 20 years old, but the pain that comes through in her songs is far beyond her years. On her bandcamp website, she describes herself as “chill but kinda sad” which also perfectly describes Clean. The album gives off chill vibes with simple beats and calming guitar riffs. Allison’s lyrics mix from telling someone off to confronting her ex.

Currently, you can only listen to “Still Clean”, “Cool”, and “Your Dog” off of Clean. “Still Clean” is a heart wrenching acoustic song that can bring anyone to tears. As someone who is currently struggling with a breakup, Clean has not only given my feelings a voice, but also provides songs to empower me. “Blossom” was by far my favorite song and I cannot wait for others to be able to hear the entire album. I give Soccer Mommy’s album a 7/10 because even though I hate sad music, Sophie Allison makes her pain beautiful and relatable for anyone.