Album Review: Cold War Kids’ “L.A. Divine”

Written by on April 23, 2017

By: Peter Zezas

Cold War Kids newest album is called “L.A. Divine” and it’s genuinely interesting. The album artwork is a lonely palm tree somewhere in what looks like California. I have never listened to Cold War Kids before this and listening to their songs I get the essence of the Alternative group known as Fun. Specifically, songs like Restless and Part Of The Night sound like the teen anthem songs in Fun’s albums, such as, We Are Young and Carry On. When I say that Cold War Kids has the essence of Fun’s sound I parallel this to Bruno Mars and his essence of Michael Jackson. They are their own sound but you can definitely feel that sense of commemoration.

I personally really enjoyed Fun but they died out too quick. To hear someone similar really sparks the flame inside me that loved their sound years back. Overall, this album is a nice kick back and relaxation album that I would love to play with some speakers on a nice summer evening while chilling with a few friends. I will definitely keep up with this group to see what they come out with next.