“Two Star & The Dream Police” – Mk.Gee Album Review

Written by on April 21, 2024

Review by Josh Maxi –

Almost three months later and if I’m being honest, Mk.gee (pronounced McGee) still has me in a chokehold with his project Two Star & The Dream Police. A very fitting title as well actually because that’s exactly what it sounds like, a dreamlike flashback to the 80s.

All the tracks sound like they could’ve been played in Dirty Dancing or Breakfast Club or something else that can only be found on VHS. He almost makes a movie too with the energy invoked with some of the songs.

The fast-paced ballads like “Candy” that scream seemingly invincible and forever-lasting puppy love, only to be met with heartbreak and despair on “I Want,” and finally the credits roll out to “Breakthespell.”

Yes, if you couldn’t tell, I just made a Letterboxd account and submitted my reviews the second the credits started rolling.

Cinema aside, I’d give the young Dreamweaver a 4/5 just because I enjoy the soundscape he created and how well he locked in on a sound from the past and added his twist and elements to make it his own.


Featured Image from Pitchfork.

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