The Story So Far – Album Review

Written by on June 25, 2024

Review by Amber Bintliff-

After a six year wait since their last record, The Story So Far have returned with their highly
anticipated fifth album, I Want To Disappear. The four-piece has solidified themselves as one of
the best bands to emerge from the early 2010s pop-punk scene over the years. This album
reaffirms that they’re still capable of creating hard-hitting music and that pop-punk is very much
alive and well.

Diving into the album, I can confidently say that my favorite track is “Jump The Gun.” This one is
everything you could ever want in a song from The Story So Far. It’s a clear stand-out complete
with their classic explosive high-energy instrumental, Parker Cannon’s angst-filled lyrics, and a
stellar sounding bridge. “Jump The Gun” is a fantastic track that reminds you why these guys
have been at the forefront of the scene for 13 years now.

Some other highlights of the album include “Nothing To Say” and “You’re Still In My Way.” Within
seconds of hearing these two, I knew I Want To Disappear was a perfect addition to The Story
So Far’s already spectacular discography. The album is also more personal and emotional than anything they’ve released before, as
Cannon writes about navigating through the passing of his father. “Keep You Around” and
“White Shores” most explicitly deal with these feelings. Both of these tracks have specific
call-outs to the severity of such a loss, most notably about how to continue living with the grief
and pain.

2024 has seen some pretty great pop-punk releases despite it only being halfway through the
year, and I Want To Disappear has just been added to that list. Although it’s a short album with
ten tracks adding up to only 28 minutes long, it’s still a very solid record. The essence of The
Story So Far shines through on each track, but with a more evolved, modern sound.
Additionally, the record sees Cannon’s immense growth as a songwriter and his ability to convey
difficult topics in such a moving and relatable way. I Want To Disappear is a dynamic and
heartfelt release from The Story So Far that seamlessly blends a fresh sound with their
traditional pop-punk style, perfect for fans both new and old.