The Happy Fits – Webster Hall 12/17/22

Written by on December 26, 2022

A conversation between music director Jared Tauber and music librarian & web director Emily “Emol” McCormack who were both at Webster Hall on December 17, 2022 for The Happy Fit’s Under the Shade of Green Tour:

JARED: What did you like about the concert, Emol?

EMOL: I’m good, thanks for asking. And you?

JARED: Oh sorry. Yeah, I thought “Changes” was really awesome. Where did you go during the concert?

EMOL: I was actually in the photo pit taking pictures, like these:


EMOL (CONT’D): I really appreciate the opportunity to be in the photo pit for this show! It was cool being so up close to the stage. I was finally able to see everything that was happening on stage, I’m usually in the far back on my tippy toes to see over the crowd! 

JARED: You got really close. Did you see the disco ball light up?

EMOL: The real disco ball was Calvin’s face — he had so much glitter on! Gorgeous. I also loved his pants.

JARED: Remember when he stage dived with his cello? Fricken rad.

EMOL: I thought that was really epic. I don’t know how to dive… but if I did, I would probably be afraid to do that with a cello. I also wouldn’t know how I got a hold of a cello…

JARED: Props to Luke for drumming and singing at the same time, especially during “Mary.” That is very difficult.

EMOL: I love that song! And I was very impressed by that. One thing about this band that I think is really cool is that they all contribute to vocals — you don’t see that at every show!

JARED: They had those harmonies on lock. Especially during “Do Your Worst.” Wait, let’s say our favorite part of the setlist on three. One, two, three!

EMOL: “She Wants Me To Be Loved.”

JARED: “She Wants Me To Be Loved.”


EMOL: I’m really happy (hehe) I got to see that song performed live, it has been one of my favorites for so long!

JARED: Do you have any pictures from that?

EMOL: Hold on, let me check. I have these really cool pictures where Calvin is shrouded in fog.  ✨ drama ✨

JARED: The lights were so cool. Shout out to Aaron Sweatt with two ‘T’s.’

EMOL: Light design win, for real. I saw the setup on Instagram beforehand — I was so determined to capture the entire stage that I ventured to the balcony of Webster Hall for the first time! This is what I got:

JARED: I also loved “Little One.” It’s my favorite on Under The Shade Of Green. Calvin said “trans rights!”

EMOL: Period. 

JARED: Wig. I’m so proud that they have been our #1 most played artist at WMSC all semester. 

EMOL: I’m really glad that we had the chance to see the songs that we always play on the station live! Remember when they came to our station?

JARED: Good times. Emol, would you like any help carrying all those photos?

EMOL: Nah, it’s okay, I’ve got it.

JARED: Are you sure? That looks like a lot.

EMOL: No, I promise, it’s okay. I can handle it!

JARED: Emol–

EMOL: Whoops!




EMOL: Oopsies. Any final thoughts?

JARED: I can’t wait for the next tour; my bestie Ross slayed.

EMOL: Facts. There’s no way I’ll ever miss a Happy Fits show- You know I’ll be there!