Music Review: Little Cub’s “Too Much Love” CD

Written by on March 20, 2017

By: Jonathan Hoch

I was very pleased with all four songs on this album. I think the lyrics are very deep, and very poignant, but not too complex for anyone to not understand. The entire sound of the band is incredible, and I should also note that the lyrics for every song but specifically “Too Much Love”, and “My Nature” are downright honest and straight to the point.

I feel that the inspiration behind the songs had to be a high degree of pain or resentment for the lead singer, and all of this is also strongly supported by the use of deep synthesizer melodies and riffs, as well as the baritone-bass range that the lead singer is singing in. Listening to this album for me, almost makes it seem reminiscent of other British bands with similar sounds that had come before, namely The Pet Shop Boys and their song “West End Girls”, Joy Division with songs like “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, and most famously, Depeche Mode, who I believe had to be a great influence to the way these gentlemen honed their sound and skills.

In addition, I see some of the songs on this album going so far as to be used thematically, as a soundtrack accompanying a major motion picture, everything about the music digs deep within you, and with infectious melodies pulls you in and doesn’t leave you wondering because everything is laid out.