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Jared Tauber is a Super Senior Film & Television BFA major. For many, the distinction between General Manager and Station Manager is a difficult one to make, so hopefully the following analogies will help you firmly grasp it. If Anabella is Qui-Gon Jinn, Tauber is Obi-Wan Kenobi. If Anabella is Iron Man, Tauber is Spider-Man. If Tauber is Frodo Baggins, Anabella is Gandalf the Grey. If Tauber is Daniel LaRusso, Anabella is Mr. Miyagi. If Anabella is Lil Wayne, Tauber is Drake. If Tauber is Eminem, Anabella is Dr. Dre. If Anabella is Master Shifu, Tauber is Po, the Dragon Warrior. If Tauber is Avatar Aang, Anabella is Monk Gyatso. If Anabella is Bruce Wayne, Tauber is Dick Grayson. If Tauber is Nathan Drake, Anabella is Victor Sullivan. If Tauber is Hit-Girl, Anabella is Big Daddy. So on and so forth.



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