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Jared Tauber is a junior Film and Television major. When Tauber joined WMSC in the Fall of 2020, he just knew it. A lot has changed since then, and now he’s the esteemed music director better known by his radio name: DJ Doctor DJ — now famous for listening to lots, and lots, and lots of ABBA. And nepotism. In addition to producing Tunes On Tuesday, Tauber also hosts his own variety show, Tauber Time. Sometimes he even writes his own bios. Sometimes. Overall a solid dude. I wish my daughter would date someone like him, but she insists on seeing Chuck. I loathe Chuck. She’ll see; one day Chuck’s going to break her delicate little strawberry heart, and I’ll know just what to say because I used to be Chuck. Ohhhh yeah, uh-huh. Greased-back hair, tight elastic waistband. Loafers. The whole nine. Got humbled fast after Paulette stood me up at junior prom, though. The boys still haven’t let me live that one down yet, even after I scored the point that won us the championship! Ha. God, I miss high school.


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