408 Hot Mess tour – 5/8/24

Written by on May 16, 2024

Review And Photograph by Amber Bintliff

408 brought their “Hot Mess” tour to Debonair Music Hall on May 8, 2024 with support from Telltale, Definitely Maybe, and New Jersey’s own Northvale. This high energy packed night served as both my 50th concert and first time doing concert photography! While this was my first time seeing Northvale in person, it was certainly not my first time hearing of them! After they were featured on an episode of WMSC Unplugged during the Fall 2023 semester, I did a deep dive into their music and instantly became hooked. It was really cool to see them perform some of my favorite songs of theirs live, including “Runaway” and “Loose Grip.” They have incredible stage presence and definitely set the night up to be one to remember Next to hit the stage was Definitely Maybe with an extremely energetic, hard-hitting set. This show was my first introduction to their music, and I’m now obsessed. Some highlights of the band’s set included their performances of “Silly Song” and their latest single, “I Don’t Sleep At Night.” Even my mom, who attended the show with me, could not stop raving about how great they were on our way back home. Telltale came on stage soon after, and their set was nothing short of fantastic. I’ve been a fan of the band for a little over a year now and getting the chance to see them live was incredible. They performed a mixture of some older songs and some from their self-titled debut album, eventually closing out their set with their most popular track, “Rose.” As the night neared its end, 408 took the stage to sing a ton of new music from their latest release Hot Mess. The fun, energetic vibe of the evening intensified even more as they carried on through their set, interacting with the crowd and playing fan-favorite tracks. There was not a single dull moment throughout the night, and every band on this lineup was spectacular. It was also really cool to see Northvale play alongside these artists right here in Jersey and I’m so grateful I was able to catch the show.