Yeule Review By Krizia Mae Templonuevo

Written by on August 21, 2022

Yeule was absolutely amazing the night of July 28th. Her performance was absolutely mesmerizing. The crowd showed so much support and love that she couldn’t help but shed a tear on stage. It was quite heartwarming. The song that started her set was “Pixel Affection”. Just the opening chord caused the crowd to cheer. I could overhear the people near me talking amongst themselves saying how it was “literally [my] favorite song,” and honestly, I was on the same boat. “Pixel Affection” was the song that introduced me to Yeule years ago, and hearing it live was a dream come true. Yeule’s stage presence was breathtaking. Her costume and energy captivated everyone in the crowd, even though she was the only one standing on that stage. I always loved the ethereal and floaty sounds from her instrumentals and breathy vocals. I would definitely see her live again, and I can’t wait for her future releases.

Review by Krizia Mae Templonuevo