Wolf Alice at Terminal 5

Written by on November 7, 2022

Photography and Review by Krizia Mae Templonuevo

When I received the email confirming my access to the pit, I was absolutely elated. I remember looking at the email during my class and trying my best to control my excitement. Wolf Alice is one of my most favorite bands, and shooting for them was the perfect early birthday present.

Arriving at Terminal 5, the venue was already packed with people who were just as excited as me to see Wolf Alice. Luna Li was the opener and I have to say, Luna was amazing! It was my first time hearing her songs. After her set, I went onto Spotify and saved her song “Misery Moon” and “Star Stuff.”

After Luna’s set, Wolf Alice was up. When the lights finally dimmed, we knew that the show was about to start. People were cheering and as we scrambled into the photo pit, Wolf Alice made their way onto the stage. As soon as they were set with their instruments, the lights dimmed once again before loud guitars echoed the room. Lights were flashing on and off, left and right. It was difficult to see anything through the flashes of light, but their strong sound ringed in my ears and it felt absolutely amazing. Their opening song was “Smile.”

Wolf Alice’s stage presence is ever so formidable, but it fits so well with their music. The way they handle themselves on stage just shows their level of professionalism and comfort they have with each other. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to shoot photos of Wolf Alice. The next time they come around the NYC area, I am definitely going again- but as part of the crowd moshing with everyone else.



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