WMSC x Latin Alternative Music Conference 2022

Written by on August 21, 2022

After 20+ hours at the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), our 5 WMSC representatives met and interviewed several talented artists and learned much more about them in the process. Now you can too!

Special thanks to Anandaji Cruz Rosario, Yazemin Yilmaz, Kaya Maciak, Kimberllyn “Olive” Oliveira and Sheyla Gomez for representing WMSC at this event.


Episode 1: Mean Grey Cat, Gale & Airbag 


Episode 2: Lao Ra, Ana Mancebo & Tribade 


Episode 3: Zetak, Marlena, Pitizon & Randy Class 


Episode 4: Valeria Castro, Zoe Gotusso & Elston Torres 


Episode 5: Audioiko, Di Wav & Monareta 


Episode 6: Pehuenche, Luna Luna & Reyna 

WMSC x LAMC 2022


WMSC’s Sheyla Gomez, Olive Oliveira, Yazemin Yilmaz, Anandaji Cruz Rosario


Tribade and Sheyla Gomez

Sheyla Gomez and Mean Grey Cat

Sheyla Gomez and Valeria Castro

Di Wav and Sheyla Gomez

Sheyla Gomez and Zoe Gotusso

WMSC’s Kaya Maciak and Olive Oliveira chatting with Lao Ra

WMSC’s Sheyla Gomez chatting with Tribade

Anandaji Cruz Rosario with Pitizion

Anandaji Cruz Rosario, GALE and Olive Oliveira

Valeria Castro with Sheyla Gomez

Zoe Gotusso with WMSC’s Sheyla Gomez and Yazemin Yilmaz

Monareta with Sheyla Gomez

Latin American Music Conference 2022

Di Wav with Sheyla Gomez


Ana Mancebo and Anandaji Cruz Rosario


Luna Luna with WMSC’s Yazemin Yilmaz and Kaya Maciak