WMSC Nominated for 13 National Broadcasting Awards

Written by on January 11, 2022

Montclair, NJ. January 10, 2022 — WMSC “The Voice of Montclair State” has been named a finalist in thirteen categories including Best College Radio Station (more than 10,000), Best Political News and Best Celebrity Interview by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards.

These nominations come after an impressive string of awards the station earned in 2021, including eight first place awards including the “Best College Radio Station (more than 10,000)” and “The 2021 Spirit of College Radio Award”, and 13 finalist awards including the National Broadcasters Association Marconi Award. Here are the 2022 nominations:

Best College Radio Station (more than 10,000)
Best Political News “VP Kamala Harris Visit to Montclair State”
Best Spot News “Gov Murphy Hudson River Project”
Best Celebrity Interview -“Weird” Al Yankovic
Best Live Music Broadcast “See Plus”
Best Radio Drama “The Nightmare Before World College Radio Day”
Best Use of Social Media “Instagram”
Best Program Promotion “The Nightmare Before World College Radio Day”
Best Station Promotion “College Radio Resilience”
Best Station ID “Spooky WMSC”
Best Show Promo “Stomp N’ Stroll Radio”
Best Promo Series “Earth Notes”
Best Use of Video in Radio Studio

“I am beyond thrilled for all of the students at WMSC who have worked tirelessly to produce amazing, fun and engaging content,” says Anabella Poland, General Manager. “These nominations reflect how determined and talented our students are and highlights the impressive growth of the station and facilities at the School of Communication and Media.”

Tara Morgan, a senior Sociology Major who has been hosting and producing her ska, punk and rock n’ roll themed show “Stomp N’ Stroll” since her first semester at MSU, earned her first solo nomination for “Best Show Promo” and part of the team that wrote, recorded and produced the station’s first musical.

“I’m beyond happy to be nominated for best show promo because “Stomp N’ Stroll” has been my pride and joy since I started it in my freshman year,” says Morgan. “Cutting through the static of the world and being heard can be difficult, so I am thrilled that what I created resonated with people”.

In his sophomore year, music librarian Jared Tauber was impressively credited with six mentions in the nominations. Tauber was the mastermind behind college radio day’s first musical, and got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview “Weird”Al Yankovic.

“Interviewing ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic will be a highlight from my time in college, as will be the amazing group of people with whom I collaborate with day in and day out,” said Tauber. “To be given the freedom and support to pursue something you are extremely passionate about, no matter how ambitious it may be, is super special.”

During her term as station manager, Kaya Maciak reflects on the return of in-person radio and academic activities, and how the lively and collaborative environment inspired her peers to maximize their college radio experience.

“When we returned in-person, the gratitude we shared propelled us to make the most of our time together,” she said “We combined our love for each other and our craft in radio, and created content that we would look back at and praise ourselves for. This shared remarkable energy of urgency and thrill enables us to strive high and exceed expectations, and the talent we have truly sets us apart. I’m grateful to lead an extraordinary team and station, and I’m eager to mentor the next generation of leaders before I graduate.”

The winners of the IBS Media Awards will be announced at its 82nd annual conference on March 5 .