WMSC Music Picks: Summer 2022

Written by on September 25, 2022

Welcome back to another Music Picks article! A collaborative collection of WMSC’s music recommendations and reviews. This installment’s theme was songs of the summer- the old and the new tunes that got our members through the hottest of days! 

Time to reflect on our summer faves as we welcome the new season!


“KEEP IT UP” – Rex Orange County

Review by Aly Erario 

This summer, Rex Orange County was at the forefront of my playlist. I honestly think I found myself listening to his music more than not, and “KEEP IT UP” from his new album, WHO CARES? was definitely a top contender. Rex Orange County, also known as Alex O’ Connor, is a singer/songwriter based out of England who has gained great popularity within the past five years. I would consider his music to be very relatable, which is why I enjoy it so much. The main chorus of “KEEP IT UP” states, “Keep it up and go on, you’re only holding out for what you want. You no longer owe the strangers, it’s enough, keep it up” which I think is a powerful message. It’s symbolizing that you should do things for yourself as opposed to others, and I think that’s a message that we as humans need to hear more. I’d definitely consider Rex Orange County to be one of my favorite artists, and I am looking forward to what he will do next! 


“Go Your Own Way” – Fleetwood Mac

Review by Aly Erario 

Whenever I hear this song, I am flooded with nostalgia. Growing up, I was an avid player of the video game “Guitar Hero,” but never played the instruments– I would always sing. For some reason, “Go Your Own Way” (and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is an honorable mention) was my go-to song to perform. I have no idea why, I just loved it for some reason. This Summer, I started listening to the song again, and now it’s one of my most-played songs. Listening to it never fails to put me in a good mood, and the song itself is so catchy. The song starts out “slower,” but quickly picks up into the chorus. Towards the end, it has a really intricate guitar solo, which I find very impressive. I could listen to this song for hours on end and not get sick of it, which honestly can be applicable to most Fleetwood Mac songs.


“tieduprightnow” – Parcels 

Review by Krizia Mae Templonuevo

I do have to admit that this summer has been filled with many new experiences, in the sense that I have been more independent than ever before. With most of my friends being busy with work or being a state or two away, I found myself needing to do things by myself. This song by Parcels really ties into that feeling, but in a more positive way. The groovy beat and repeating melody really gets me motivated and moving around. I wouldn’t really consider my experiences over the summer as “lonesome.” Many times I would find myself feeling anxious to put myself into situations I haven’t been in before, but this song really helped get me out of my thoughts and into more of what is in front of me.


“Where Sky Becomes Sea” – Palace 

Review by Krizia Mae Templonuevo

Okay, imagine yourself in a coming of age film, driving down the freeway with the windows down and the sun setting behind you. This was the song that gave me such energy. It’s the cliché typical Summer vibe to drive around feeling unstoppable, but honestly, moments like these are so cozy. With such amazing buildup and storytelling lyrics, even listening to this song now in the Fall, I can still imagine those nighttime drives. Palace has made their way into being one of my favorite bands and literally ALL their songs give me “I’m in a film” vibes, but there is something about this particular song that hits even harder. I recommend you to listen to their music and tell me if you get the same vibes that I do.


“A.D.D.P.” – M-Flo feat. Monday Michiru 

Review by Aidan Ivers

The song “A.D.D.P.” by J-hop trio M-Flo, featuring Japanese American R&B Soul and Jazz superstar Monday Michiru, can be thoroughly enjoyed all year round, especially during summertime leisure. It was released in August 2005 as a part of Beat Space Nine, the fourth studio album by M-Flo through the label Rhythm Zone, which, under the Recording Industry Association of Japan, later became a platinum selling record. The hip-hop foundation of the song welcomes different kinds of instruments used to create music that will most certainly not pass by the listener, depending on what they enjoy most. Monday Michiru creates a story in the listener’s mind from when they may have spent the summer with a significant other and how entering the season with such a relationship built and secure is subject to bring summertime to a greater place of enjoyment and satisfaction. From the energized digital-piano mixed intro, the inclusion of instruments like the violin which may have been a staple in other musical genres before being implemented here, the catchy chorus from M-Flo to “analyze, dissect, detect, process,” and the undeniably charming Japanese-English vocals from Michiru, this song made this past summer all the more enjoyable for me.


“20 Below” – September Mourning 

Review by Aidan Ivers

“20 Below” by New York City rock band September Mourning can be interpreted as a heavy gateway that links summer and fall. It is a part of the band’s July 2016 record Volume II through Sumerian Records, and the chilling vocals of iconic frontwoman Emily Lazar in harmony with the anthem-like chorus and captivating melody bring upon the listener a somewhat somber feeling that summer is coming to an end and the memories they may have made are in the past, but the song can lead the listener to the idea that time is moving forward and so is their life through its composition. The song and persona of the band are not only fitting in time for Halloween but they also open the door for listeners to explore the band’s themes of internal struggles and being in conflict with another person or being.



Review by Nick Beyer

“SUPERMODEL” is one of Italian rock band Måneskin’s latest singles. The song was released on May 13, 2022 by Epic Records and Sony Music. Band members Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar), and Ethan Torchio (drums) wrote the track with music producers Justin Tranter, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub, and Sylvester Sivertsen. “SUPERMODEL” is a pop-rock single with alternative and grunge inspiration. The song focuses on a female supermodel who struggles to find love. Måneskin performed “SUPERMODEL” at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, which is when I became a fan of their music. That night, the band’s stage presence and risqué wardrobe choices grabbed everyone’s attention, warranting a censorship on live national television. Over the past month, I’ve listened to Måneskin’s entire discography and await their next release!


“Walking On Air” – Katy Perry

Review by Nick Beyer

“Walking On Air” is a promotional single off of “PRISM,” the third studio album of American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. The track was released on September 30, 2013 by Capitol Records. Katy wrote “Walking On Air” with music producers Klas Åhlund, Max Martin, Adam Baptiste, and Caméla Leierth. With backing vocals from Sabina Ddumba and the Tensta Gospel Choir, the song is pure pop with disco and deep house influences. The track focuses on an instant romantic connection with someone new. I’ve been a fan of Perry’s music for over ten years, and “Walking On Air” is arguably one of her best songs. On this track, the lyrics and production compliment each other exceptionally well. Also, that high note at the end of the bridge is just: chef’s kiss!


“Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles 

Review by Tyler Ostonal

The song “Yellow Submarine” is definitely one of The Beatles’s most iconic songs for not just the average adult, but for the average kid. During the last week of July, I spent about five days on a cruiser with my grandparents, my mother and my brother. During the trip, we stopped to see the sealife in, well, a yellow submarine! The song is a huge sentiment for me because it was the song I grew up with the most, and why Ringo became my favorite Beatle from the start. And besides, you know you would sing along to the catchy lyrics, buddy. Don’t lie! (PS. my inner music nerd is coming out to say to listen to the “Yellow Submarine Songtrack” version, otherwise I recommend keeping both earbuds on if you’re gonna listen to those cruddy 2009 remasters).


“Attention” – NewJeans

Review by Jonah Glass

When I think about songs that encapsulate summer, the first one that comes to mind is “Attention” by NewJeans. The hit song off their debut album, NewJeans is a modern take on the mid-2000’s R&B sound that’s simple and straightforward. It highlights each of the members’ vocal talents and just makes you want to drive down the highway at 90 miles an hour, jamming to this song at full blast with your friends. This single propelled their career into mega stardom before the album even came out, breaking records with over 300,000 copies sold in the first week of release. The highest of any debut girl group on the Hanteo Chart in Korea, as of August 14th. If you like K-pop or are even curious about it. I highly recommend listening to this song. It encapsulates the feeling of being free and happy, all while strutting down the boardwalk like a bad* on a cool summer night.


“Hot” – Avril Lavigne

Review by Jonah Glass

What better way to party like it’s the 2000’s with this smash hit by the queen of pop punk. The third single of her 3rd studio album, “The Best Damn Thing”; This song is the soundtrack for your road trip to Miami. Upon its release in 2007, the song was criminally underrated, it only peaked at 95 on the Billboard hot 100. However, with the resurgence of 2000’s nostalgia this song has gotten a new life. It’s become one of many Avril’s songs from that era to be synonymous with the new wave of scene culture, as well as the general Y2K craze all over social media. The song itself carries the same vibes as Avril’s other hits, but differentiates itself with its steady electric guitar beat that is a nod to classic 80’s rock. It’s one of those songs that have parts where you can bop your head along to the music and have a full jam with your friends, which is personally why I love it so much.


Self-Portrait Album – Bob Dylan

Review by Danny Krastek

Bob Dylans 10th studio album Self Portrait is one of the most baffling things I have ever heard in my life. Essentially tired of being famous, Dylan released a 2 disc set full of forgettable originals, weak covers, and shameless remakes of his older classic songs. Yes, it’s a mess but to be honest, I have gained a massive soft spot for this album. There’s a certain vibe to it that makes it incredibly fascinating to listen to. There’s songs like “Belle Isle” and “Early Morning Rain” that are actually really good, there’s songs like “All the Tired Horses” which I enjoy for how weird they are, and there’s tracks like “The Boxer” and “Blue Moon” which… are terrible, but in a way that makes them fun to listen to. It’s nowhere near Dylan’s best (it wasn’t even his best album of that year), but it’s one that I enjoy listening to again and again.


“Borderline” – Tame Impala

Review by Danny Krastek

I’m more of a classic rock guy, so I’m not super well versed in more recent music. One of the acts I’ve gotten into recently is Tame Impala, and the song “Borderline” became one of my most played of the summer. No song deserves to be this catchy. It’s super well mixed, with Kevin Parkers soft voice sitting right on top. The thumping beat pushes the song along, and that bridge alone is enough to put it as one of my favorite songs of his… who am I kidding, I can’t describe why this song works… you can go listen for yourself!



“On My Knees” – RÜFÜS DU SOL

Review by Emily ‘Emol’ McCormack

I recognized RÜFÜS DU SOL from their song “Treat You Better” off their 2018 album “SOLACE,” and was super excited to see that the band released a new single in 2021! Though this song has been out for about a year (I can hardly believe it’s been this long!), “On My Knees” has been front and center of my playlist rotation, even more so since the end of the spring semester. This song is unlike a lot of the other songs I’ve been listening to recently… Not appearing in this list, I’ve been listening to a good amount of metal/rock, so going from metalcore Ice Nine Kills to dance/electric RÜFÜS DU SOL is an interesting change of pace that I welcome every time I hit shuffle on some music. It’s one of those songs you can listen to while lying down with headphones and feel the beat swim from ear to ear, becoming transported to another reality… I love vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist’s calm, soothing voice juxtaposed with the darker lyrics that sound like they’re pleading for help… I loved playing this “dancey” song on my daily commute to work, and it quickly became one of my favorite go-to driving songs.



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