WMSC Announces College Radio Day Event Schedule

Written by on October 4, 2017

Montclair, N.J., October 4, 2017 – Montclair State University’s campus radio station, WMSC-FM, is proud to announce their live event programming for the seventh annual College Radio Day, taking place this Friday, October 6.

This year’s College Radio Day is extra special as WMSC is celebrating 50 years on the air. College Radio Day kick-off party begins at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 5th from Rocky the Red Hawk’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

Then, the station will showcase the best of their music, news, talk, sports and entertainment shows featuring exclusive interviews and shout outs from special guests including:

  • American Public Media’s Marketplace host David Brancaccio
  • WCBS Radio’s Charles Osgood
  • WCBS Radio & MSU Class of 1984. Tom Kaminski
  • WCBS Radio’s Wayne Cabot
  • Q104.3 & SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk
  • SiriusXM hosts Ian Christie
  • SiriusXM The Highway & The Message host, Al Skop
  • SiriusXM 60’s on 6, Cousin Brucie
  • SiriusXM Jose Mangin
  • Morristowngreen.com editor & publisher Kevin Coughlin

College Radio Day is the brainchild of Rob Quicke, founder of the College Radio Day Foundation and General Manager at WPSC-FM. The goal is to harness the combined listenership of college stations and increase awareness of content created by students across the nation.

This year’s theme, “Passionately Vocal, Seriously Local,” was proposed by WMSC-FM General Manager Anabella Poland, and it focuses on the hyper-local relationships each station forms as part of the media landscape of their own campuses and communities.

“This has been the mission of college radio from its inception; to be an outlet for their local communities and give a platform to voices that otherwise go unheard,” said Poland. “In return, that local coverage offers vital community support of these independent student-operated stations.”

WMSC is excited to host the second annual DJ Swap with Seton Hall’s WSOU from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Chris Annunziatta, host of WMSC’s The Metal Teddy Bear Experience will be taking the helm at WSOU while Angelo Maltese will be live from WMSC’s studios.

To cap off the celebration, WMSC will be broadcasting 10 hours of back-to-back performances from their brand new performance space and radio talk studios at the new School of Communication and Media building. Twenty-six bands are scheduled to perform. Thirteen bands will perform full plugged sets and thirteen bands will perform acoustic sets.

Listen live on site at 90.3 FM, online at wmscradio.com and the iHeartRadio app.

College Radio Day – Schedule of Events

Thursday October 5th, 2017

3:00 PM – KICK-OFF Live from Rocky’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Hosts Kate & Austin in Student Center & Melissa Cheeseman in Studio

Hear the most popular Sweet 16 songs as we celebrate the birth of our school mascot!

3:00 PM – KICK-OFF Live from Rocky’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Hosts Kate & Austin in Student Center & Melissa Cheeseman in Studio

Hear the most popular Sweet 16 songs as we celebrate the birth of our school mascot!

5:00PM – Out of Sound, Out of Mind (Alternative)

Hosted by Melissa Cheeseman

7:00PM – Tech & Tunes (EDM)

Hosted by Nick Franciosa

10:00pm – Electric Trance (EDM)

Hosted by Peter Zezas

Friday, October 6th, 2017

12:00AM – Keeping up with Kate w/ Kate Braunstein (Alternative)

Listen LIVE as the WMSC Staff rings in the 6th Annual College Radio Day

2:00 AM – Sports are Dumb (Sports)

Hosted by Sean McChesney, Sam Flesher, and Sean Martin.

4:00 AM – The Catalyst (Classic Rock)

Hosted by Mike Grippa

  • Meet the WMSC team
  • Our special 1-hr College Radio Day simulcast, featuring interviews with industry radio giants in support of college radio.

6:00 AM – Mario’s Morning Mojo (Sports)

Hosted Mario Papa

8:00 AM – The Morning Buzz Live from the Red Hawk Diner! (News/ Sports & Talk)

Hosted by Mandonnah Mahallati & Brandon Drayton

WMSC’s morning show brings you a special broadcast live from the Red Hawk Diner.

Guests will include Dr. Keith Strudler, Director of the School of Communication and Media here at Montclair State.

10:00 AM – STOMP THE PLANET (Alternative Rock)

Hosted by Filipe Costa and Tara Morgan

11:00 PM – WMSC/ WSOU DJ SWAP (Metal)

WMSC metal guru and host of The Metal Teddy Bear Experience Chris Annunziatta will spin metal at WSOU while WSOU’s Angelo Maltese will be spinning here at WMSC simultaneously.

12:00 PM – Interview with Rob Quick, Founder of College Radio Day Foundation

1:00 PM – BACK TO THE FUTURE (Alumni Takeover)

Hosted by Tom Kaminski – with visit / call in by all co-hosts of the show Mary Capella, Tom Kaminski & Mike Mitsch

1:05 PM – Interview with Dan Gurskis, Dean of the College of the Arts

2:00 PM – Back-to-Back Live Studio Sessions


  1. 2:00-2:30Silent Tides silenttides.bandcamp.com/
  2. 2:30-2:45Dylan Young (acoustic) soundcloud.com/dyoungnj
  3. 2:45-3:15The Spins soundcloud.com/thespinsareaband
  4. 3:15-3:30The Victory Drive (Official) (acoustic) thevictorydrive.bandcamp.com
  5. 3:30-4:00Phulton phulton.bandcamp.com
  6. 4:00-4:15American Beauty NJ (acoustic) americanbeautynj.bandcamp.com
  7. 4:15-4:45Americanadian americanadianpa
  8. 4:45-5:00James Cutlass & the Wisterias (acoustic) jamescutlassthewisterias.bandcamp.com
  9. 5:00-5:30Primitive Lips primitivelips.bandcamp.com
  10. 5:30-5:45Hit like a girl (acoustic) hitlikeagirl.bandcamp.com
  11. 5:45-6:15Erotica erotica.bandcamp.com
  12. 6:15-6:30Nelson A. Moreno (acoustic) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbN48G0mNFtGyNJyiz4LCFw
  13. 6:30-7:00Prom Mom https://www.facebook.com/prommomband/
  14. 7:00-7:15Shark Club (acoustic) sharkclub.bandcamp.com
  15. 7:15-7:45Have a Good Season haveagoodseason.bandcamp.com
  16. 7:45-8:00Delicate Flowers (acoustic) delicateflowers.bandcamp.com
  17. 8:00-8:30Use Big Words usebigwords.bandcamp.com
  18. 8:30-8:45Joker’s Republic (acoustic) soundcloud.com/user-697374820
  19. 8:45-9:15Ishmael, the band. ishmaeltheband.bandcamp.com
  20. 9:15-9:30The Hannas (acoustic) thehannas.bandcamp.com
  21. 9:30-10:00The Planet You theplanetyou.bandcamp.com
  22. 9:30-10:00The Planet You theplanetyou.bandcamp.com
  23. 10:00-10:15the specs (acoustic) https://thespecsnyc.bandcamp.com/
  24. 10:15-10:45Diner Food dinerfood.bandcamp.com
  25. 10:45-11:00The Fifth Down http://thefifthdown.bandcamp.com/
  26. 11:00-11:15Joe Billy (acoustic) joebilly.bandcamp.com
  27. 11:15-12:00In-Dreamview in-dreamview.bandcamp.com