WMSC 2021 Gubernatorial Election Coverage

Written by on November 10, 2021

Dr. Brigid Harrison is a political science and law professor here at Montclair State University. She recently spoke with our Morning Buzz Producer Kenny Horn about NJ’s political spectrum and what voters are talking about:

Running against Phil Murphy is Jack Ciattarelli, a Republican who has been campaigning for the past 22 months and is giving the governor a run for his money to become new jersey’s next governor. Literally, as members of the press, we get sent his schedule daily and the man has been busy pounding the pavement. Our reporter Louis Biondolillo had a chance to sit down with Ciatarelli who talked about his vision for NJ.:

On October 23rd, former President Barack Obama was on our home turf supporting the governor. That following Monday, President Biden was in New Jersey. Vice President Harris was here earlier in the month. Senator Amy Klobuchar was also here to support him. I (Ryan Breyta) had the opportunity to be at the event with President Obama and Governor Murphy – here is that story:

Dr. Luis Portes, an associate professor at Montclair state university is an international economic expert. He believes we were hit hard in the early stages of the pandemic but that we have learned our lesson and New Jersey is back to being almost wide open. He is looking at the technical aspects of what has been done during the pandemic by governors, and that is how we can tell who will make an impact on New Jersey. Our reporter Zach Taglioli has more.