“We’re Starting to Look Like Each Other” by hey, nothing – Album Review

Written by on February 20, 2024

Every single song is so raw and authentic and is a masterpiece in its own right.

Review By Natasha Borchard

I was introduced to hey, nothing in late 2022 after I saw a viral TikTok with a snippet of their single, “Like a Brother.” Hey, nothing is an indie folk-rock band consisting of Tyler Mabry and Harlow Phillips. The band is very reminiscent of The Backseat Lovers, yet differentiate themselves through their lyricism and distinct vocals.

Their 2023 album We’re Starting to Look Like Each Other portrays what it’s like to experience early adulthood. Comprised of 10 songs, the album explores the hardships of growing older, mourning simpler times, love, and heartbreak. Tracks “Low Spirited Funeral,” “Flora,” and “Goodbye” are standouts on the album in my opinion.

“Low Spirited Funeral” depicts a deep and almost obsessive love. The song is heartbreaking in the best way possible. With lyrics like “I’d rather spend a lifetime begging you to stay / Than have any other person look at me that way,” Phillips gives a passionate performance of longing for someone who is no longer yours. “Low Spirited Funeral” is painful yet addictive, just like the story of the relationship it tells.

“Flora” sounds exactly like how it feels to be a young adult, trying to keep up with everyone around you. It’s energetic and fast-paced, only giving one verse for you to catch your breath before picking up again. Mabry’s raspy midwest-emo sounding tone and Phillips’ clear, strong vocals mix in such a satisfying way. “Flora” feels exactly what it’s like to plan your future in your 20s and is probably my favorite song on the album.

“Goodbye” is the final track on the album and in my opinion, was the perfect way to end the album. Phillips’ voice takes on a raspier tone than usual, allowing you to feel their raw emotion towards a song that shows what it’s like to say goodbye, even if you don’t want to.

We’re Starting to Look Like Each Other is a must-listen album. Every single song is so raw and authentic and is a masterpiece in its own right.

For those who also thoroughly enjoyed this album, in May, hey, nothing will be performing the album in Brooklyn and Philadelphia for the very first time.


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