Tunes on Tuesday: Maddie Zahm

Written by on August 26, 2022

For 24-year-old singer/songwriter Maddie Zahm, there’s nothing more powerful than writing songs that scare her. The Boise-bred artist just released her debut EP You Might Not Like Her, a project that intimately documents the massive upheaval she’s experienced over the last year: a life-changing journey that includes leaving the stifling church community where she long served as a worship leader, losing weight, moving to Los Angeles and coming out as queer. Featuring Zamh’s extraordinary vocal talents and bravely detailed storytelling, the project is a heart-on-sleeve exploration of the often-painful experiences that have shaped her. With equal parts raw vulnerability and undeniable strength —a delicate alchemy first glimpsed on her viral hit single “Fat Funny Friend” that has amassed over 37 million streams to date — Zahm opens up about her personal trauma, her sexuality, and her relationship with her body, embracing the kind of unapologetic yet compassionate truth-telling that’s transformative for artist and audience alike. (Spotify)


Interview by Jared Tauber


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