Trench Album Review

Written by on November 29, 2018

Reviewed by Alex Greco

Twenty-One Pilots is a musical duo consisting of lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. Hailing from Columbus,Ohio, Twenty-One Pilots found major success from their previous album, Blurryface. They are well known for mixing different genres in their music. They are known for their alternative, rap, hip-hop, rock, electro-pop, and indie-pop elements in the past. Joseph writes all the songs for Twenty-One Pilots.

When first listening to Trench, I was afraid that it was not gonna be good, or at least a downgrade. Ever since Blurryface, TWP has had major success. With many bands today, success means selling out. Their music, their sound, becomes lost to the thousands of generic pop musicians today. Bands become more like pop bands and lose what made them them in the first place. But this is not the case. It is the same Twenty-One Pilots as before, but enough different to make Trench different from previous albums. There are rap elements to nearly every song. There is the upbeat alternative rock song here and there. A slow depressing song in the mix. Every song is unique and that is what makes this album special. My only complaint is Joseph and Dun have ditched acoustic-sounding songs like House of Gold in Vessel or The Judge in Blurryface. This is what I thought Neon Gravestones in Trench should have been. Trench is no exception to the ever-growing repertoire that the Pilots have built for themselves

 4.4/5 stars

Highlights: My Blood, Chlorine, Nico and the Niners