Trench by Twenty One Pilots

Written by on November 14, 2018

Reviewed by Cassidy Lunney

Twenty One Pilots, an eclectic duo made up of vocalist, Tyler Joseph and drummer, Josh Dun has taken reign over the music industry. After a three year hiatus they have released their fifth studio album, Trench.

Trench consists of a 14 song tracklist with their hot new single Jumpsuit featured as the first tune to appear. Jumpsuit sets the bar high as Tyler Joseph strains his voice to take his anger out on the music and fades into a gentle melody and then back again. As the album progresses, each track comes with a fresh and brilliant new sound; weaving in and out of different tones, pitches and harmonies. In Levitate, Joseph can be heard rapping with that surfer dude persona he seems to emulate in albums prior to Trench but the beat on this track gives it a dark undertone.

The lyrics are catchy without being cheesy and over-rhyming. There is something to be said about the way Morph gives into the pop sound without steering away from Twenty One Pilots overall aesthetic and mood. The band gives listeners something to be surprised by on each track whether it be with the lyrics or with the instrumentals themselves. No two songs sound alike but it’s easy to hear where Twenty One Pilots draw their inspiration from. In My Blood, Joseph sings at a similar pitch to that of a CHERUB song. “If you find yourself in a lions den, I’ll jump right in and pull my pin. I’ll go with you…my blood I’ll go with you,” Joseph softly sings.

Each and every interchanging sound throughout Trench can speak to the various personality traits everyone has. In one instant, the feeling of sadness and doom alludes the heads of many only to be brushed off moments later by bouts of happiness. Twenty One Pilots is able to translate those emotions into music for any mood which makes Trench the perfect album for when you’re not quite sure what you’re feeling. Twenty One Pilots, Trench, is anything but one note.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Favorite Tracks: “Jumpsuit,” “Morph,” “Nico And The Niners,” “Legend”

Least Favorite: “Chlorine”