Tini Concert Review – The Theater at Madison Square Garden 11/3/23

Written by on November 11, 2023

Review By Grace Velazquez 

Martina Stoessal, popularly known as Tini, is an Argentine pop singer and actress taking her final three tour shows in the United States. The world knows her as Tini, however, I met her as Violetta from the hit Disney Channel show, Violetta. From having posters on my wall from the show to now owning a shirt from her tour, it’s amazing to see how far she has gone these past 15 years of being involved in the industry.

On November 3rd, the second to last show of the Tini Tour 2023 was performed at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. This concert was memorable for both the audience and of course, Tini. Though heavily known for her pop and latin sound, she created an interesting repertoire that allows for her audience to dance, cry, jump, and overall have a good time.

The concert was broken into three parts – each having their own little video break for the singer’s quick change. She started the first act off with her 2019 hit single “22,” and proceeded to incorporate a heavy-dance focused performance. 

The second act focused on her vocals. While it’s common for artists in her genre to use autotune, her voice was very similar to her studio recordings. Mind you, she was showcasing her vocals while dancing the whole time. She opened up to the audience with how much of her experience with mental health impacted her music. This act also gave the audience my personal favorite, “Carne y Hueso,” and “Por Qué Te Vas,” an edgy ballad with artist Cali y El Dandee. She ended this section with a cover of  “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. I was generally shocked by how nervous she was to perform the song since her vocals shined as she controlled her head voice to the iconic belt at the end of the song. This act was just her and her band… no dancers, just her.  

One thing about I love about Tini’s music is the amount of collaborations she has with big name musicians like Karol G, Maria Becerra, and Becky G. When I mention her show was dance-heavy, the majority of the songs she performed were collabs- leaving extra time for several dance breaks. She did not miss a single beat. Her dance team was unbelievably talented and the chemistry between them and the singer was comforting, almost like they were a group of friends creating dances for their school’s dance team. Her repertoire managed to have a mix of music genres as some of her songs became remixed. Some of her songs took a disco route while others turned into headbangers with the inclusion of some rock.  

One word to explain Tini’s repertoire has to be: versatile.

For her first performance as a soloist in New York, you can tell she was nervous – I would be nervous too if I was in her place. Besides all the nerves, she delivered a unique and impressive show. I’ve never been to The Theater at Madison Square Garden, and it surprised me presentation wise and the overall view from the audience to the stage. It felt small, but packed a lot of fans.

The venue did have some technical issues. One being the screen that turned off mid song. Despite those issues, Tini continued her show providing impressive stage presence and adoring moments between fans. I honestly left up surprised at of how much dedication she placed in this tour. It’s obvious she’s experimenting with her music especially with the random rock and disco remixes of her hit. I am genuinely excited to see what the future holds for her. Who knows, she might bring some edge to her next album!