The Struts Concert Review

Written by on November 27, 2018

By Sarah Gregor

On Tuesday, November 20th I saw The Struts at The Paramount in Huntington NY. As an avid listener of The Struts, I was stoked to see them in concert. The band has said before that they are inspired by other bands such as Queen, The Rolling Stones, and Def Leppard, so if you like any of those bands, I’d recommend checking them out. Their opening band was one called The Parlor Mob, who were very good, very much like The Struts and had an interesting lead singer in terms of sound.

The concert itself was honestly one of the best ones I have been too in a long time. Part of the reason why I love The Paramount venue is the intimacy of the venue: you’re never too far away from the artists. The lead singer, Luke Spiller was welcoming and eccentric in his outfits (glitter + sequins + batwing sleeves) to his dances. He really just wanted to make sure everyone was having a great night out, which there was absolutely no way you couldn’t with him on stage. Don’t get me wrong, whereas I think the band sounds great in my headphones, I personally thought the band sounded better live. Maybe that was their stage persona and the act of seeing some of my favorite songs be performed, but I would definitely go see them in concert again. They were such a fun band to see live.

Rating: 5/5