The Houston Texans: Scariest Team for Years to Come

Written by on November 25, 2023

By Earl Spence

The Houston Texans are one of the biggest storylines this season in the NFL. They are also one of the most surprising teams thus far. The Texans have a 6-4 record recently beating the Cardinals 21-16. There are a number of factors for their success and popularity as of late. The team does not drive well without their coach Demeco Ryans. Ryans, a former Texans player,  has been a coach of the year candidate written all over him and I believe that is locked up and secured. The most impressive part of this is that it is his first year coaching and he is only going to grow as a coach for years to come.

The Texans record is already better than the past 2 seasons. Their defense ranks 18th in the NFL and their offense ranks 4th. The players have been playing well along with their rookie duo C.J. Stroud and Tank Dell. C.J Stroud is playing out of his mind right now. He is having arguably the best rookie QB season of all time. The team is second in the AFC south behind the Jacksonville Jaguars by only a game. C.J Stroud is putting up historic numbers and is in the MVP conversation. The Texans made the right decision in drafting Stroud, bringing and restoring life back into this franchise. C.J Stroud’s stats are ridiculous, he completes 62.8% of his passses, just shy of 3,000 yards, throwing for 17 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. The 3 of the 5 interceptions were thrown last game in the win against the Cardinals. He also has 2 rushing touchdowns along with 85 yards rushing. The Texans already have the Rookie of the Year and if the Texans surpass the Jaguars for the AFC South title we could see the first rookie MVP since Jim Brown won the award in 1957.

Lastly, The culture change in this team is the driving force for the start they are on. The past 2 seasons they were 4-13 and 3-13-1. They already surpassed their previous win total this season. C.J. Stroud has a celebration in the end zone when the Texans score. Stroud calls that celebration the squabble and I have been seeing that dance all over TikTok. If the season ended right now they would be in the playoffs right now as the sixth seed. The Texans are still a young team. Their growth was very surprising and unexpected. They are very mature and mean business. It is no longer a cakewalk for opposing teams because the Texans are coming. The Texans will continue to develop from the front office, to the coaches, and the players. They will now have the ability to attract free agents to come to Houston due to the culture change taking place right now. The future looks bright in Houston.