¿Téo? By ¿Téo?

Written by on December 1, 2018

Reviewed by Yazmenne Archer

             Mateo Arias, also known as Téo, has come a long way since his days as an actor on shows primarily on the Disney Channel network. Contrary to belief, he wasn’t a Disney star that was known for his musical or singing talent so it came as a surprise, that all of these years later, he came out with a self-produced album. This isn’t a new venture or something done out of spare time as he has been on songs with Jaden Smith for years contributing to their brand of the MSFTSrep. Little by little, they created their own vision and music videos until it came time for Téo to branch out and create his own path. Starting off on Soundcloud, he released singles like “Selfless-ish” sampling a beat from J.Dilla and “Pleiadian Message” collaborating with Jaden once again. Centering around self-enlightenment and self-awareness, Téo has taken a different approach to how music is made and has been very conscious of the messages he has spread. I am always on the hunt for eclectic sounds and Téo has convinced me that he is one to keep an eye out for.

            With a Columbian background, Téo showcases the influence of his culture directly through the melodies of his album. Not only are they peaceful but they are sonorous in every way possible throwing a certain flavor in the ears of all who are listening. There are many natural elements to his sound that don’t always come easily to an artist and Téo capitalizes on that especially on songs like “Thru My Hair.” The guitar is a prominent instrument through the entirety of the album but the sweet sounds of the Spanish guitar seems to carry him in this track and he floats so gracefully. However short this piece is, it has a way of taking the listener away to a serene place like an island where there is nothing but you and the waves. Ominous sounds linger in the background of some songs but only for the emphasis on the forefront beats of a clap or plucked string. It can be expected that most will be attracted to “Belong In The Sun” with its playful and fun rhythm that urges a dancing sensation. Featuring Lido, the two sing harmoniously sweeping the listener off of their feet and to the dance floor. Not much can be said about Téo as this is his first project but I can predict promise from this young artist.

Rating: 3 / 5

Favorite Tracks: “Belong In The Sun (feat. Lido),” “Uno Dos (featuring Jaden Smith),” More To Us”