“STRFKR’s 10th Anniversary Show

Written by on October 29, 2018

By Jeffrey Alexander Lopez

STRFKR at first glance glitzes and shines like a 1980’s pop band, toying and testing the limits of the synthesizer, but at a closer glimpse beams to a more psychedelic synth. Of all the adjectives that best fit the band and their style, “futuristic and spacey” comes to mind. Borrowing from no sole influence, but from many artists to create their retro-futuristic style. The show was advertised for the 10 year anniversary of their debut, “Starfucker”, and was successful at bringing fans who reminiscing over their old sound.

Their debut album,”Starfucker,” a synth-esque based pop, laced heavy with psychedelia rock, started with Florida, hitted with Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, and closed with Isabella of Castile. No bands could fit their style as well as they do. Their album known for its fresh synth-y electric pop sounds, uses repetitive sound and lyrics to drill in their style. “Starfucker” was revolutionary and pioneered the indie-electro-pop that very few could emulate.

Their set exploited neon pink and blue and green and red colors that danced alongside the band. Playing along with the theme the band donned 1950’s housewife outfits, complete with blonde wigs, and a blow up pool toy to pay nods to the obvious retro-future-esque style. If you could catch a glimpse of the bands members, Joshua Hodges, Shawn Glassford, Keil Corcoran, Patrick Morris, they all alternated between vocals, keyboards, guitar, drum, and synth.

After playing the entirety of their debut album the band took a brief break only to return and play another 19 songs. The band as mentioned before donned costumes that they eventually switched during the intermission. Being one of the longest concerts i’ve ever been to, the band did everything to keep the concert interesting. They employed people dressed in astronaut costumes to join them and dance on stage and eventually brought a massive inflatable flamingo to crowd surf with.

Rating 9/10″