Song About You by Mike Posner

Written by on December 3, 2018

 Reviewed by Cassidy Lunney

Mike Posner was thought to be a one-hit wonder after the release of the hit song, Cooler Than Me, but since 2009 Posner has been quietly pumping out the jams. Earlier this year, Posner released a 33-song album titled Tear Drops and Balloons but what stood out most was a single released after the album.

Song About You is Posner’s latest feel-good break-up song that has some empowering elements to it. “I put all your stuff in a box in my room,” sings Posner. “I don’t wanna write no song about you, but you show up in everything that I do.”

Posner puts extreme emphasis on the last word of each sentence, hard-hitting each note to really get his feelings across. This is definitely a song that listeners can not only vibe to but relate to. He doesn’t get tricky with the lyrics, it’s a simple song with a fun beat. This type of song is certainly expected from Posner but it does not disappoint. Anyone who listens to pop radio would flock to Song About You for a quick drive to the store or bop to it in the club. It is one of those songs that you never want to end but if it becomes overplayed, might make you want to change the radio station and refer back to it in a few years. Posner made a comeback that seriously packs a punch and pokes a jab at whoever hurt him.

Rating: 3.9/5 Stars