Sleeping With Roses by Chelsea Cutler

Written by on November 20, 2018

Reviewed by Jenn Duffy

One of 2018’s newest current growing artists to look out for is 21-year-old Chelsea Cutler. In June 2018, Cutler released her debut albumSleeping With Roses. If you are into honest and raw lyrics about the ups and downs of love, then you should give this album a listen. Cutler’s soft voice perfectly fits with the introspective EDM vibe of her music. As this genre has risen in favor in recent years, her talent and passion stands out amongst the rest of many artists with similar styles. Every song provides a unique story and message, all circling the idea of heartbreak, acceptance, and self-growth in a post-relationship mindset.

One of the album’s most popular songs, “Lonely Alone (feat. Jeremy Zucker),” provides a “he said-she said” tale about two perspectives in a love story. When listening, you can truly feel how both partners feel in this given relationship. The song which the album is named after “Sleeping With Roses,” is a beautifully written, slow, real, and deep song about one swallowing their pride and owning up to their faults in the past. “Water on the Bridge” describes the pain that comes with moving on, and the baggage that seems to never go away.

Chelsea Cutler truly made a name for herself with this first album, as the emotion she allows people to feel is intoxicating. She speaks her truth and allows that energy to be reciprocated and received through her words. There is something so magical and whimsical about her voice that is instantly recognized through a first listen.

Rating: 3/5 stars


Highlights: “Lonely Alone (feat. Jeremy Zucker),” “Sleeping With Roses,” and “Water on the Bridge”