Skanksgiving Review

Written by on November 28, 2018

By Joshua Calderon

When going to this year’s Skanksgiving at Starland ballroom, I wasn’t too excited because I haven’t been to one in over two years. When I arrived, it wasn’t too packed yet and the opening band wasn’t too great. As the night went on, the last three bands blew the roof off of the place. But when Real Big Fish came on that’s when I had the most fun. They played all their big hits and a lot of great cover songs. However, I felt like it all ended way too short for RBF I would say they were on for like 40 minutes to an hour at MOST!! Don’t get me wrong, I loved when they were onstage, but I felt that they should have been on a little longer than the rest of the other bands.

On another note, one of my favorite things to do at Starland ballroom when there’s a Ska band is going into the great mosh pits and yelling “f*ck you Denny’s” when an IHop ad comes on. Unfortunately, my expectations were

barely met. When I got there the first two bands did not have any mosh pits, it was more like three people running in a circle. Then, after that, the mosh pits started breaking out but it wasn’t the same type of mosh pits that I am used to experiencing; it just felt too slow. The only time I had a fun during a mosh pit was when RBF came out. I believe that the RBF crowd came in and took over the place, I felt that’s when the mosh pits started to truly be the experience I am used to and enjoy.

All in all, my score of this show is a 6/10, I liked the music, but it wasn’t the best show I’ve been to at Starland.