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Hi, my name is Yazemin Yilmaz, but everybody knows me as Yaz. I will be a sophomore film major this coming fall semester. Yes, a film major. And no, my favorite movie is not Pulp Fiction. Here at WMSC, I am honored to be the Assistant Digital Marketing/Promotions Director and a Music and News Team member. Fun facts about myself: I have a twin brother; we are Geminis; I am a first-generation American, and I love making playlists. This summertime, I will be working on new projects, swimming, hiking, biking, and looking forward to spending time with the station! 

Yaz Uncensored is all about hearing and sharing stories. All kinds of stories! With not only local guests but people across the globe, narrating their numerous journeys and adventures as we run the gamut from delving into the music industry to exploring new places and meeting new faces. This summer, Yaz Uncensored will air every Saturday from 8 to 9 PM EDT! You can tune in via the iHeartRadio app, wmscradio.com, or 90.3 WMSC.

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