Show Review: Jay Critch Lights Up The Starland Ballroom

Written by on February 13, 2018

By: Kyle Phipps


A 20 year old Brooklyn-based rapper by the name of Jay Critch is one of the hottest up and coming artist out now. He started releasing music in 2016 on Soundcloud and since then he’s been on the map. Jay Critch showed off his talent this past Saturday night (2-10-18) in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom. The Ballroom was very spacious with a nice sized stage, dance floor and lounge area on the side. The audience was very diverse with ages ranging from 18-35 years old and the place was packed!


The concert kicked off with a number of local artists performing their work to get the crowd going. Sad to say, none of the artists didn’t sound too appealing. The initial excitement of the crowd even died after 20 minutes of hearing different artist perform. The DJ was a key contributor in getting everyone pumped up during the wait, as he went on to play a nice hip-hop playlist consisting of Kodak Black, Cardi B, Future, and many more. The DJ also mixed in a number of Jersey Club hits that really got the crowd dancing. I even spotted a security guard getting after it by the entrance door (hahaha).


Jay Critch began to make his way on stage shouting his well known ad-lib “HAAYY” as everyone in the crowd turned their flashlights from their phones on. Critch’s opening song was electric! When the beat dropped for his song “Started It”, the crowd went crazy! Critch then went on to perform “VVS”, “Speak Up”, and “Fashion” (one of his most popular songs to date). No one in the crowd missed a lyric during his entire performance, it was truly entertaining. After performing “Fashion”, Jay Critch made a smooth transition while interacting with the packed audience to perform another popular song of his by the name of “Thousand Ways”. To  close the whole show out, Critch performed the same song “Thousand Ways” back to back. The crowd’s energy remained at peak levels for his entire performance, start to finish. It was a great turnout in the Starland Ballroom for Jay Critch, and he gave his audience an unforgettable night.