SHOW REVIEW: Jaden Smith Pop-Up Show

Written by on February 2, 2018

By: Kyle Phipps

Jaden Smith is on the rise with his music career, and he’s been taking all appropriate strides in that direction with his Pop/Alternative Rap approach. He released his debut album SYRE last year (11/11/17), and put it all on full display in Brooklyn, NY Saturday night (1/27/18) at the Schimanski nightclub during his Pop-Up Show sponsored by Tidal.

Doors opened at 8pm where everyone checked in and received their Tidal badges and gear. The show started at 9pm but the DJ kept the young and diverse crowd pumped up by rolling through an Alternative Rock/Rap instrumental playlist. It was a great nightclub scene to be in where there was a disco ball and different strobe light patterns flashing throughout the place. A lot of excitement built up in the room prior to his arrival on stage where everyone would chant his name every 5-10 minutes.

Once 9pm arrived Jaden made his way to the stage opening up with his introduction to the album, “B”. He then went on to make his smooth transitions through the next 3 tracks “L”, “U”, and “E” which all connects to each other. Everyone was engaged and reciting all lyrics from start to finish and the visuals of him on the side screens in the club gave off phenomenal aesthetic pleasure.

There were two “iconic” moments throughout the show that boosted the crowd’s energy to another level. The first was when he performed his breakout hit “Icon” off his album. Everyone was jumping and singing in unison. Jaden even began to get really filled up with energy busting out a couple dance moves including the moonwalk on stage. The second moment that was great was when he closed out the show stating:

“Unfortunately I only have one album, so I’m out of songs to perform. I just want you guys to know that you’re all icons and any one of you can be up here on stage doing what I’m doing.”

Jaden then went on to perform “Icon” a second time to close the show out, and the crowd went even crazier forming a mosh pit in the center of the audience. It was truly a great night in the Schimanski nightclub, and it was definitely worth everyone’s time! This is only the beginning for Jaden Smith.