“RED” & “BLUE” Release – The Beatles LP Review

Written by on October 9, 2023

Review by Kit Frascella

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, The Beatles’ RED and BLUE albums have finally been remastered and remixed for a new era. These two albums were hits in their own retrospective ways when they were first issued back in the early 1970’s as they were officially titled Beatles 1962-1966 and Beatles 1967-1970. The RED album covers hits from the BBC era in 1962, to the beginning of the St. Pepper’s era in 1966.The BLUE album covered songs from the Magical Mystery Tour era in 1967, to the ending of the band’s career in 1970 with the Let it Be

These compilation albums were originally released on April 2, 1973 by Apple Records as it is viewed to be a companion piece to The Beatles early and later careers, featuring a handful of songs that were regarded as their best.

What is interesting about these two albums is that they both serve as introduction guides to The Beatles, for those who are just discovering them. These records are an easy way for someone to listen to some of their greatest hits without buying the other albums the songs were featured on.

These albums serve as a handy guide for some of the iconic Beatles songs, and would give people who may not have the ability to obtain one of the physical albums a chance to listen to a handful of tunes from those records. The two albums share similarities to a CD called Beatles 1 which was released on November 13, 2000, and served as another companion piece for people who are just discovering the group. The CD featured a lineup of songs from the Beatles’ timeline and was marketed as a compilation album. Beatles’ enthusiasts, music fans, collectors, and people who are curious about broadening their horizons in the genre of classic rock will be delighted by these remastered albums, as the appreciation and joy for The Beatles still live on.

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