Reaction to Spoon’s “Hot Thoughts” Album

Written by on March 28, 2017

By: Peter Zezas

To start off with the album artwork, I really like the colorful X-ray of a person they have the cover. In fact, it actually looks like there is, not only, someone’s side profile but another person looking directly at you. I like how the album is called “Hot Thoughts” and they covered the front and top area of the skull with red to show the “hot” thoughts. At first, my thought was this album was going to be heavier and with more bass because hot thoughts makes me think anger or aggression.

Although Spoon’s Hot Thoughts is an Indie Rock genre album, I get an undertone feeling of either pop or dance music. Some of the songs like “Shotgun” or “Can I Sit Next To You” sound like they should almost be placed in a club or a bar of some sorts. “Can I Sit Next To You” Specifically, has a synthesized instruments that send me back to the 2000s – 2010 with music from the Disney movie Tron. The first song of the album, “Hot Thoughts” really started the album off strong. Overall, this was a good first impression of this group and their sound for me. I have never heard of Spoon but im glad I know them now.