Queen by Nicki Minaj

Written by on November 19, 2018

Reviewed by Stacy Fernandez

Queen by Nicki Minaj has definitely set the bar high for many hip hop artists. She proved to the world that she is the queen of bars and of a successful comeback with this album. She shows the world her creativity while also talking about the struggle she overcame these past few months. My three personal favorites are “Ganja Burn”, “Bed” and “Barbie Dreams”. In these tracks, she raps about the hatred she has been receiving, love and of course, sexuality. People who are into Hip Hop and straight bars need to listen to this album with an open mindset and an old school type of heart.

I give this album a 3.5 star rating because I feel like she has a few good songs, but she could have done better. I personally feel like her recent music is good, but it needs to top off her first two albums. Nevertheless, this album feels like it’s a walk down memory lane. If you’re an old school hip hop lover, just an FYI, “Barbie Dreams” is a freestyle to Biggie’s “Just Playing”. Ms. Minaj made a comeback proving not only the industry, but the world, that she is not going anywhere anytime soon. -SJ

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Highlights: “Ganja Burn,” “Bed,” and “Barbie Dreams”