POST HUMAN: NeX GEn- Bring Me The Horizon Album Review

Written by on May 24, 2024

Review by Amber Bintliff –

Bring Me The Horizon finally released their long-awaited sixth studio album POST HUMAN: NeX GEn. Originally scheduled for release in September of last year before its eventual delay, the band announced that the album would be released with not even a 24-hour notice on May 23rd. It serves as the sequel to their 2020 EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, and their first full-length release since 2019’s amo.

The record consists of 16 tracks starting with “[ost] dreamseeker,” a quick and simple 17 second introduction that welcomes us to this new era of the Bring Me The Horizon. It then fades straight into “YOUtopia,” which kicks off with an instantly striking guitar riff that gears you up for the perfectly chaotic journey that’s about to unfold.

The album features multiple collaborations, including Lil Uzi Vert and Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, AURORA, and Underoath. “liMOusIne (feat. AURORA)” blends Oli Sykes and AURORA’s vocals seamlessly together over a hauntingly grunge influenced instrumental. It’s definitely one of the strongest songs on the record that highlights their ability to create such dynamically different music within the same body of work. “a bulleT w/ my namE On,” is another strong point of NeX GEn that puts forth an insane production accompanied by controversial lyrics during Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath’s verse.

“n/A” begins with a softer, acoustic guitar led instrumental, but not for long. The second verse kicks in full throttle with a switch to a heavier instrumental. It even features live vocals from a Bring Me The Horizon crowd that was recorded earlier this year on their UK tour. This song is one of my favorites of the newly released tracks next to “Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd” and the hyperpop inspired “R.i.p. (duskCOre RemIx).”

One thing I feel like I need to note is POST HUMAN: NeX GEn was meant to be experienced in order. The transitions from each song into the next are truly killer, with my two favorites being “YOUtopia” into “Kool-Aid” and “n/A” into “LosT.” It’s evident that a lot of thought was put into the arrangement of the tracklist, which arguably enhances the experience and makes the album all the more special.

“DIg It” is the concluding track on the album as well as the longest at just over 7 minutes long. This one begins featuring the voice of an AI that gives the listener access to an encrypted file containing the song that lies ahead. Its slower paced and vulnerable nature sees lyrics detailing Sykes’ self-deprecism, including “Reckon you’d be better if I never existed,” and “Thought the pain would teach me somehow / But the only thing I figured out is life is a grave.” “DIg It” also does an incredible job at showcasing his vocal range, with the bridge’s screams being one of the most emotionally charged moments in a piece of music I’ve ever heard. One thing that threw me off about the song though is the abrupt minute of silence before that same character who granted us access, who we learn is named M8, tells us there’s been a fatal error and we lose connection. It’s definitely the most creative way I’ve seen to sign off an album, but also one that made me believe my headphones got disconnected at first.

Overall, POST HUMAN: NeX GEn is an extremely solid album from Bring Me The Horizon, and dare I say worth the three year wait. It’s the most boldly experimental album they’ve released to date, while still being an authentic addition to their already monumental discography.