Pedro The Lion Review

Written by on May 16, 2019

By Lia Berisha

John Vanderslice opened the show for Pedro the Lion at Union Transfer on Tuesday, May 7th. Thanks to WMSC’s ticket giveaway I got to experience his performance. I learned a lot about the opener during the show as he had a Q&A in between songs. He is a producer who has collaborated with artists such as The Mountain Goats, Spoon, and Death Cab for Cutie. His live setup is very intimate with just his guitar and small drum machine on stage. The music was experimental yet polished and I also enjoyed his candid commentary.


Pedro the Lion opened the show with one of their most popular songs ‘Yellow Bike’ off of their latest album release Phoenix. The three-piece played in perfect unison and the crowd was giving them their undivided attention as we’ve all most likely have been following their music for a while now. David Bazan’s voice sounded exactly like the records he’s been creating. The music was sharp and crystal clear as far as live shows go. Pedro the Lion’s energy was lovingly nostalgic performing with colorful lighting with filtered home videos of the road/clips of suburbia. Everyone should go see them live and witness their talent at least once. Thanks again to WMSC for the unique opportunity!