Paul McCartney – Got Back Show MetLife Stadium 6/16/2022 Review

Written by on February 22, 2023

By Noah Aviles

Before I went to this show, I had difficulty remembering when my last concert was. For obvious reasons (the global pandemic and all of that), I wasn’t attending too many live events at the time, but when I heard that Paul McCartney was heading to MetLife Stadium as the final stop of his “Got Back” Tour, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go.

As “basic” as it may sound, The Beatles are probably my favorite band of all time due to the evolution and versatility of the band throughout the years, and also how each member made a monumental impact in their solo careers and other bands they formed; and given how both remaining members are in their early 80’s, perhaps I wouldn’t get too many opportunities to see them live. I also happen to very much enjoy music from his other band, Wings.

The actual show started around 15 to 30 minutes after 8. My friend and I were VERY high up on the far right side, and can only somewhat see McCartney himself on the stage (tickets were getting more expensive by the day, so that was the best option I had at the time). Thankfully, everything was plainly audible and I could see the screens on stage well enough, too.

Counting the encore, there were 37 songs in total. In terms of the song choices, there was a nice variety of songs from the Beatles, Wings, and from his solo career. He had an impressive amount of energy for someone of his age, though it was clear that his voice has aged quite a bit from doing this for so long.

Still, his backup musicians Rusty Taylor, Brian Ray, Paul Wickens and Abe Laboriel Jr. added a lot to their songs with their backup vocals and variety of different instruments played. I also admired how quickly McCartney would switch from electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano depending on what the song was, which definitely made the almost three hour concert a joy to sit through.

There was also a very memorable cameo from Bruce Springsteen where he basically got booed from the stadium and he and McCartney did a couple of songs together. Bon Jovi even stopped by to sing McCartney “Happy Birthday.” It was overall a very enjoyable night (except for the traffic after the show) and I can imagine I would very enthusiastically attend another one of his shows if/when he stops by Jersey again.


Featured Photo by MJ Kim/SFGATE