Papa Roach Concert Review

Written by on March 23, 2022

Almost 30 years in the making, Papa Roach still has what it takes to rock and roll!

By Víctor Muñiz Rosa

Papa Roach performed last Tuesday at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair. The crowd was exhilarating, and everybody was jumping and singing all their hits like “American Dreams,” “Scars,” “Help,” Getting Away with Murder,” and “Last Resort.” As the audience came and went, two bands opened for the rock veterans: Bad Wolves and Hollywood Undead. Both bands showed their prowess by jamming and interacting with fans.  However, everyone wanted to see Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, and Tony Palermo play Papa Roach’s repertoire.

I have been a fan of Papa Roach since I was little. I remember listening to their music with my cousins back where I grew up in Puerto Rico. Revisiting Papa Roach’s songs was a blessing in disguise. I have to say, I did not expect the wildness of the crowd. I experienced what many people call a “mosh pit.” Mosh pits are not for me, but many people enjoyed them and throughout the live show, there were many mosh pits, including ones incited by the lead singer of Papa Roach, Shaddix.

Papa Roach showed New Jerseyans how to rock out and have a good time after everything that has happened with the COVID-19 pandemic. They helped us forget all our worries and gave the Montclair folk an unforgettable night.